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War for Overworld - 1/27/19 - $5.50/$7.50/$21


Today’s deal is War for Overworld!

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Los Angeles, CA-

From Santa Monica Pier to that weird part of LA just outside of Pasadena, everyone and their MOTHER is caught up in this absolutely ZANY dungeon-building craze! And if you thought constructing your own underground layer and populating it with various monsters, traps, and treasures was the long and the short of it, you’ve got another THINK coming! (And yeah, that’s right, we said THINK. It’s right. We saw it on Twitter.)

Can’t get that screenplay off the ground? Writing workshops not doing the trick? Just build a maze of death and despair when hundreds of heroes will die in pursuit of dark and unwholesome treasures! THAT’LL REALLY GET THOSE JUICES FLOWING! At one time, my grandmother could not even lift THREE TIMES her own weight!!! Now that she’s building and maintaining her own dungeons 2/47, she can juggle TRUCK AFTER TRUCK!!!

But what is the meaning of all this? Why are we screaming at you like that??? We’re just worried cause we don’t want you to get left out. Every brick that you’re not building into the wall of a secure yet dangerous dungeon is a brick wasted, and anyone who builds even just for an hour or two will literally be cured of anything that ails them, mental or physical. Buy War For The Overworld today! You should be happy to pay $100 or more for it, but we have insane packages available at the low low prices of $5.50, $7.50, and $21.00. Build a dungeon of your OWN…right away.

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“This game is the best successor to the good old dungeon keeper.”

I strongly disagree with that. This is a very fast-paced RTS with a LOOK like a Dungeon management game.
It’s extremely stressful at times and you have no time to slowly build your dungeon. Instead you are constantly spewing out orders and units to attack.