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Vanquish - 4/29/20 - $4.39


Today’s deal is Vanquish!





Guys, I really love the video game Vanquish, which you could buy from us today with a 100 dollar bill and get 95 dollars back. I mean how in the heck is that even possible? That’s right, if like me, you’ve started almost every day of the past five years with that morning’s ad copy on your mind, you might have already heard how much I love to sell you this particular video game, but if you’re one of our RARE visitors who doesn’t: Hi! My name’s Alex and I write all these things. Vanquish is my favorite game to sell you.

The main reason for this is how completely earnest my enthusiasm for Vanquish really is. I think it might be as good as cheese pizza with the slightly burnt top or even a large fast food cup of Sprite with big ice cubes, which as we know, are both universally loved by all humans. And honestly, it’s just a bunch of goofy sliding around and shooting at stuff and smoking a bunch of cigarettes like Dutch Schaefer, but like the mighty Sausage McMuffin (with egg), it knows what it is, aims no higher, and I know it sounds crazy, but the very excellent and straightforward way it accomplishes this is precisely WHY it’s a transcendant piece of digital art.

Now, you may have noticed that I titled this “piece” DON’T BE AN IDIOT, and let me tell you, there is a very specific reason for this: it is that if you can afford to, you would have to be a total IDIOT not to grab a copy of Vanquish today for again, just 44 cents more than the original asking price for Carl’s Jr.’s iconic Six Dollar Burger back in 2001. The writing is on the wall here, folks. Should you buy Vanquish? The original Six Dollar Burger sold for $3.95. You do the math…

The official trailer for Vanquish:

Our favorite Steam reviews:

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Here’s @K3mo’s review


Ah so secured another one from Platinum Games.
Seeing this game makes me want a Slip N Slide because of how much sliding there is in combat.

… I haven’t seen a Slip N Slide in years… Oh man… How old am I?


I’ve heard that this is very fun, but very short. Still giving it a go.