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Vampyr - 6/9/19 - $19.99


Today’s deal is Vampyr!





Let’s get real, being a doctor is sick, and being a vampire…sucks! Ooooooooh! Daaaaaaaamn! Did you see what I did there! I mean sure, “sucks” is the most obvious pun in the world since vampires suck blood, but did you know that in Vampyr, you actually play as a newly bit version who’s also a doctor in London trying to cure the Spanish flu. So you see, we’re dealing with a couple layers here, but if you think us explaining our own awful jokes is terrible, just wait, it only goes from bat to verse.

Ahahahaha! See? Because here’s the thing: vampires? They are often able to turn into bats, which is why we wrote “bat” instead of bad, and they usually have some kind of Eastern European accent, which is why we wrote “verse” instead of worse. Like, imagine Dracula saying that shit! It’s perfect! You’re literally up to your neck in schlock! And we’re not using that word lightly, either!

Now what word are we talking about? Schlock? No ya dingus! Neck! Because look! Let us blow your mind for a second. Where do vampires bite you…wait for it…the neck! Right? And in the case of Vampyr, you really gotta decide whose neck you’re gonna bite, because not only do you gotta do it to get stronger, but you also get more if you take the time to make friends with them, which as a doctor who swears to save lives, is particularly rough. But hey, you know what they say: the best stories have high stakes! And look! We’ve done it again! Ohohohohoho! (Because you kill vampires with stakes).

The official trailer for Vampyr:

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Looks like a pretty good deal. Too bad I lost my credit card on Friday… Nothing seems to be going right for me this week.


Oh noes @KittiBear That’s not good. Hope you manage to cancel it quickly.


It’s a really good deal price wise indeed! Just wanted tell you guys though - you win the puns game. :trophy:


MASSIVE NEED! I have been wanting this game for ages!


Puns…so many puns, I’m loving it. Also, I wanted to say that I do recommend this game to just about everyone.


I love the puns.


Thank you! I cancelled it asap but the waiting game to get my new one plain old sucks


My wallet is not ready for this!!


Hi does anyone know if this game will work on my uk pc ?


I don’t see why it wouldn’t. PC games do tend to work on all PCs, it’s the localization(language) that tends to change depending on location.


Looking like an idiot at a Wendy’s because the chip in your debit card got fried sucks too. Pretty sure it happened because I didn’t take my hotel key out of my wallet when I scanned into my room. Luckily the guy behind me helped me out.


Unless your UK PC is left sided somehow it should be fine :smiley:

Only problem might be a region lock but i’ve never seen game to be locked for UK .


Do I get a canvas bag with this game?


No ,you will get plastic ‘wooden stake’. Because wood is very expensive and in short supply so they had to improvise.


Will not support. Think of the oceans!


Hope you have a better week next week, yo! It’ll all be okay, turn those frowns upside down!

There’s always VMB 2 to look forward to!


I’m most looking forward to the new VMB game…I gotta pass on this one.