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Vambrace: Cold Soul - 6/15/20 - $11.99


Today’s deal is Vambrace: Cold Soul!





If you ask us, we’ll agree in like one nanosecond that today in 2020, there are not NEARLY enough pieces of enchanted armor out there in the world. Granted, we’re not exactly sure how many there have ever actually been, but the idea of it is so darn cool that we here at Chrono believe that if enough people got on board with it and wished it were real, it might just happen. Like imagine if you had shoulder plates with a cape that literally protected you from insults? That shizz would be FIRE, on Twitter, let me just say.

Now, off the top, without Googling it, we’re not even exactly sure what a vambrace is, but our best guess is that it goes somewhere on the arm. In the days where swords were everywhere and people were CONSTANTLY cutting each other’s hands off, this is a perfectly sensible thing to wear. Like, in the game Vambrace: Cold Soul? Perfect thing to wear. However, if we’re talking about armor that we’d actually want IRL, while cool-looking a vambrace wouldn’t cut it. We already talked about an armored cape, which would be awesome, but as we learned from the Incredibles, capes are dangerous, so that makes our ideal item probably some kind of chainmail cowl.

First of all, yeah, it’s gonna be a little heavy wearing metal on your head like that, but here’s the thing: chainmail breathes like hell, which makes it MUCH better than wearing some kind of portable metal oven on your chest or face. And now that we have comfort out of the way, probably the best power it could be enchanted with is like, invincibility, right? But is that like too cheater-style? Ah, forget it. We’re never going to actually obtain this item anyway. Yes, our ideal magic armor piece is a chainmail cowl that makes you invincible. Vambraces are cool too, but again, much more so in a swordy world like the one in Vambrace: Cold Soul, which again, costs like 12 bucks today. Grab it or be sad you missed it. Too bad chainmail can’t protect you from bad feelings.

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Breathable as hell or not, I strongly advise against wearing a chainmail cowl unless you a) put it on over a fabric cowl, or b) shave your head first, otherwise, waxing ye olde style :joy:


Leave it to Devespresso Games to somehow incorporate a reference to The Coma into this game.