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Vambrace: Cold Soul - 11/7/19 - $19.50


Today’s deal is Vambrace: Cold Soul!





It’s just about getting to that time of year where if an insanely powerful evil king covered the world in an enchanted permafrost that slowly turned us all into soldiers for his zombie army, it might actually take us a few days to notice. In other words, it’s finally starting to get chilly. Not sure why I said that other bit, except that’s basically the plot of the game we’ve got for you today, and that as it turns out, lighting the pilot light on your wall heater can be pretty darn scary as well.

And that’s no accident; cold is one of only a few brutal environmental extremes out there, and in the case of today’s game Vambrace, this season’s icy all-penetrating embrace is reflected not only by the setting, but also by gameplay so difficult, that when you finally do beat it, it’ll feel AMAZING to be smug about and pretend it was easy for you. It’s one of the toughest roguelikes we’ve seen, to the point that some have been saying it’s harder than Darkest Dungeon, but never fear, even if it turns out to be too hard for you to ever beat, for less than twenty bucks, it’s great to keep around just to have something to strive for, and to restart and restart over and over again, just like the endless frigidity of infinite frost.

So please, gamers. Don’t be afraid. It’s just a little bad weather. Buy Vambrace: Cold Soul from us today, and not only will you shred your face off against an almost invincible wall of evil snow creatures, but you’ll also have a great personal metaphor for what it feels like to overcome the power of nature and all those who doubted to ending up winning anyway. And believe, we want that for you with every fiber of our being. Stay warm out there!

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Never heard of this game before but I’m in love with the art


Yup! I know of this game because of loving the art, lol. ^^


I am not aware of this game, but the art and the animations look fantas… DAMN IT I’m too late to say it!


Me too! :heart_eyes::sunglasses::star_struck:

Added it to my wish list. This is why I love Chrono. I learn about NEW games all the time.:heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation: