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Valkyria Chronicles 4 Complete Edition - 12/27/19 - $20.89


Today’s deal is Valkyria Chronicles 4 Complete Edition!





Let’s face it, history as it actually happened, by nature, is boring as hell. It’s predictable, stuff happens the exact same way every time, and worst of all, magic has and will never be real, regardless of what any one historical figure says. It’s a total bummer. It’d be like if you went to Disneyland, and when you rolled up it was just a parking lot and a dude in a handmade Goofy outfit with a too big mouth you can see him through. Or maybe this copywriter has just been irreversibly scarred by one fateful day on Hollywood Blvd, and is still working through it.

But anyway, take World War II: sure, there’s plenty of battles and politics to read about once, but do we really need thirty books about the same thing? Hasn’t at least one of these writers just been like “…and then he found a magic stone in the foxhole and merged souls with an ancient wizard”? Doesn’t that sound way more engrossing? Don’t you wish there was some way to experience alternate spoiler-free timelines without destroying the fabric of time and space as we know it?

Well, have we got the deal for you. Today, for less than the price of a single 4K Blu-Ray, you too can be the proud owner of Valkyria Chronicles 4 Complete Edition, which is TECHNICALLY set in 1935, but actually in no way resembles any account of that year existing in any other text. Exciting, right? That’s why we all play video games, because nothing is less interesting than real life? Good, good, glad we all totally agree.

The official trailer for Valkyria Chronicles 4 Complete Edition:

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Now here’s a daily deal I wish I could afford.
A shame $20 is still a bit too much for me at the moment.


Same as Fraggles T_T beautiful game… sigh


One day I hope there will be a game that involves time travel, portals, and forcing every universe to be combined for like, a week-long crossover war against some time villian thingamabob. That and dating sim with characters from all universes.

It’ll be the worst entry in the series, but dang it, I want that!

Also, did I just hear something?.. I better fix that bug. Ahem, don’t mind me.


No new Coin Shop games today?


Hi Guys, when trying to buy this, I get a note that game in cannot be redeemed in multiple (and most well known) european countries including mine (Cyprus). I have bought multiple games from chrono with no problem, first time seeing this. This version of the game seems to be very limited. Can anyone clarify or confirm?


sometimes games have Region locks on them (nothing Chrono can do about that btw), set by Publisher,
recently with the past deals it seems to have been region locks on Sega games, so when it says “it CANNOT be redeemed in xx country”, you should probably believe it as it was information set by Chrono, and they probably got that information when they got the keys.


Wow, that is a LONG list of places it claims can’t be redeemed in. Sweden is listed for one, which I can say is in fact incorrect.


It appears that this game has many different packages…

From what I can tell, there are a bunch of regional packages for this game, usually Chrono does specify if they have different regions that they would sell different regional codes.

There are South East Asia, China, Korea, Rest of the World, EU, Russia/CIS, Taiwan, South America, Japan, and a few other regions I cannot recognize… lol…

Like others have pointed out, the lists may not be all correct either.


did you grab it anyway?

if the packages maoski listed are correct, and there is no NA/America territory pack(can’t remember the name), it’s possible US vendors get RoW keys, which will often work in most places that isn’t hard locked


A greatly generous spirit descended upon me with a gifted key. It registers as " Retail - [Digital] (RoW)" so not an EU copy, but as I said it did still register.

I really wish everyone would stop with these region locking shenanigans, there are no oceans on the internet.


This means it will (probably) work in EU :+1:
only places Valkyria RoW keys seem locked from is a couple of asia territories

it’s particular silly with US vs EU regions locks, i mean, not like we get the games cheaper :wink:


Sorry about the delay on the shop games folks! Still busy will holiday shenanigans, hope everyone is having a good one! :slight_smile:


So if you’re not in

China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Republic of Korea

You might take a chance and see, steam’s own limitation is probably what counts and the info given to chrono by the publisher is probably wrong.


yea sometimes a region lock locks people “in” other times it leaves them out
in this case (pretty usual) it only locks a set of specified asian countries out, meaning rest/“those not mentioned” should be good to go
often happen with US keys it seems, at least i’ve gotten tons of RoW keys too that i could activate in EU despite a EU region locked package existing.

bit of a shame they can’t communicate that proper when they arrange the keys with vendors/Chrono


Wow that person should’ve checked what they were getting before gifting. That is no way to fix an issue by introducing a new one. At least you were lucky enough to successfully register a foreign key somehow, which is a relief. I will assume all is well now, as it seems somebody else has resolved things.


Aw…! Frags got petted. ^^ Kawaii! :heart: Thanks for sharing that wit us.


As a follow up to the region shenanigans, you will be pleased to know that I took the plunge and bought it and it activated successfully on steam.
Thanks for the comments guys, I really wanted to play this.
happy new year to everyone