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Valfaris - 5/22/20 - $14.49


Today’s deal is Valfaris!





Today’s game Valfaris is a unique fusion of sci-fi exotica and brutal metal-inspired violence, so to better honor that, today’s copy is going to be written in the style of what we like to call “a visual impression poem”. Zak said that actually, every poem should seek to make a nice visual impression on some level, but we think once you read these beautiful words, you’ll get it.

“See the metal world.
Blood wire and flesh and…loook! Wow!
A big
In the toxic skies
of green and pink,

Hear the metal sounds.
Strings shred and flesh and…oh! Yow!
A big
Can you see him
beeping and dying,

Be the metal man.
Your father’s failure and flesh and…dang! Look!
A gross
Metal tentacles
turn to chum
on Valfaris.”

Okay, so yeah. That’s our poem. If that didn’t already practically give you the whole experience of playing the game just from reading it, why not give it a shot today? Fifteen bucks is worth it, and Valfaris is actually tight! So go! Play it! Vaporize your enemies and take the city back from your father’s corrupted ways!

The official trailer for Valfaris:

Our favorite Steam reviews:

As always, use this thread to discuss the deal, talk about the game, and find people to play with!


A review from @Endyo:

This remark hit home…

" With Valfaris, much like Slain: Back from Hell, the music, visuals, and gameplay feel like they were pulled straight out of an Iron Maiden album cover, and it works."


THey need to make a game that makes me FEEL like I’m @ a Danzig show next :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m glad the Steam reviews mentioned Contra, because that’s the first thing that popped in my head upon seeing this deal.


I can respect that and dig the poem. Never heard of this game before. Chrono staff is genius level.


I’ve stumbled across the demo once. It really irritates me for some reason when games don’t enable you to shoot at a 360 (or at least 45 jumps) angle while having a bunch of flying enemies - but other than that, it was a kickass demo with really solid traditional heavy metal music


Gods of Metal approves this game.