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Valentine's Day Giveaway! [IT HAS CAME TO AN END. TALLYING VOTES NOW!]


  1. Mad Games Tycoon
  2. Fairy Fencer F
  3. World’s Dawn
  4. Hero of the Kingdom 2
  5. Skullgirls

**To: ** thtoneblkguy (mybrotherifanyonewantstoknow)

I would give you milk chocolate probably even if you like hipster dark chocolate. Still love you though.:heart_eyes:

From: Medusa324




ONE person? This is impossible. Either I write several or I stay quiet…

Alright let’s try this. cracks knuckles

Happy valentines to @Vandem who kept up with my nonsense during my stay in Paris and willingly pushed me on a really cool swing a-bit-too-dangerously but in a way that didn’t break my neck. I appreciate you for not breaking my neck and I wish you a happy time with your SO and many Gremlins wins. Also, amazing Korean sweets because they rock and you deserve to gain weight from eating too many. XOXO

Happy valentines to @xist for being 50% of the best Chrono couple ever and not getting super bored and leaving me alone in the middle of the sea of kids in the museums we visited. Thank you for the Christmas gift and for getting us lost in the Underground several times – it’s kinda hilarious in retrospective tbh. I appreciate our long talks and hope life is going well for you and yours. :hugs:


Happy valentines to @NICK9X9 for joining the mentally unstable on-fire hell hole that is the Chrono forums simply because I suggested. Your memes are 10/10 and I really appreciate the cute cat/dog videos you send from time-to-time. Also thanks for keeping up with my long audios and teaching me how to be less-crap at Rocket League (even though I still succ). Keep rocking those sunglasses and being f precious when you smile. :pig:

And, last but not least, happy valentines to @yoshirules for being the best dinosaur who has ever lived and for not going extinct on our asses. We really appreciate the effort you’ve put into dodging meteors, ice ages and humans for millions of years in order to be with us today. Also thanks for always being so straight-up nice and giving and for the unexpectedly sweet gifts you’ve left at my doorstep from time-to-time. Wishing you a great year ahead and lots of love. :rainbow:


Also not entering the GA, just wanted to use this thread as an excuse to tell people I love them aaaaand thanks for being generous and giving to the community! Mmmmkay bye. :wave:


Dear Chrono Staff, let‘s make love while this is on repeat. :black_heart:


i like to enter for :
2-The Ship: Murder Party
3-Fairy Fencer F
5- The Way


Ah, I see what you mean. Don’t worry about that, I… Completely erased that for you, so you don’t have to be shy about not wearing the pants in the family.

Well it is the holiday of love, so thank you @GeekInUndies and said powers to be for me to steal these games for the community and for the community to steal part of my heart. :revolving_hearts:


Awww shucks, @BlivetWidget, you sure know how to make a G.I.R.L. blush! That being said, you give me way too much credit. Trust me when I say that there are a couple of people WAY more deserving of “credit due” than I. Lastly, beyond a shadow of a doubt, I guarantee that there are plenty who have had enough of lil’ ole me. :thinking: :smirk: :smiling_imp:

*Not entering contest


I didn’t expect this for Valentine’s but I’m glad you did! Better than chocolate?

  1. Red Solstice
  2. Fairy Fencer F
  3. Mad Games Tycoon
  4. Hero of the Kingdom 2
  5. Memories of a Vagabond

My Valentine’s to you.

Roses are rosy.
Violets are violet.
I like you so much.
I would share my omelet.



I will enter for one game for now:

  1. Skullgirls.



Not entering, but thank you!


I’d pick :confused: :

  1. The Red Soltice
  2. Skullgirls
  3. Fairy Fencer F
  4. Mad Games Tycoon
  5. Hanse - The Hanseatic League

And… here’s my ‘optional’ don’t know anyone here tho


I wonder why


I sadly don’t know any ladies in this community who I think would like to be my Valentine, so I wanna give this one to you, @Scribesake. thanks for doing this giveaway, and of course thanks to the gracious people who donated games for this as well.

For me, personally, I’d just love to receive Fairy Fencer F, because I’m lonely and JRPGs and anime tiddies are the best pastime for weeaboo trash like me.


Well you are in luck, It seems today IS the second week that you’ve been a user on here @ErZeTe
I should probably add another rule saying that you should earn a certain amount of badges as well, but I’ll save that for the next giveaway I host if I host any more. :smirk:


Oh btw, whoever receives The Ship, let’s play together! I’ve seen videos about that one and bought it years ago, but none of my real life friends are playing it, so it’s just sitting in my library collecting dust…


Thank you very much @MattnessLP! and sorry for stealing this one from @coralinecastell, but here is a special valentine from me, just for you!


If I get The Ship, yah, it’d be cool to game with ya. :slight_smile:


Well, it’s my luck i guess? Haha :thinking:


You are so sweet, and happy valentines to you too @coralinecastell l I will continue to dodge meteors, ice ages and humans for millions of years to come. :hugs:

Thanks to @YQMaoski I didnt know how to respond :blush:


@Scribesake, I am not entering, but just wanted to say thanks for being generous!