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Universe Sandbox ² - 3/3/19 - $15


Today’s deal is Universe Sandbox ²!




To create and destroy is the power of the Gods. It’s delicious. To know that at any moment you could explode an entire planet, killing billions, only to reform an entire other world somewhere else, teeming with life, why, it’s almost like you stepped out of reality and into the world of notorious 2015 box office flop Jupiter Ascending. This is the purpose of today’s game Universe Sandbox 2 in a cosmic scale nutshell, but really, the craziest part is what you don’t see.

Just imagine that planet with the reddish atmosphere could be populated with humanoid/elephant fusions. The helmsman of the Aegis ship in Jupiter Ascending is an elephant/human fusion called Nesh. We have to assume it’s a reference to the Hindu deity Ganesha, and if that makes you as uncomfortable as it makes us, it’s well within your power to destroy that planet just to avoid some pretty weird cultural backlash.

Or perhaps your planet doesn’t have elephant people on it at all. For example, and I hate to keep beating such a mediocre drum, maybe your planet is the actual homeworld of the human race, where just like in Jupiter Ascending, the super rich live for thousands of years by using small grey aliens to harvest farmed humans off technologically stunted ranch planets like Earth. Maybe you look like Eddie Redmayne except you dress like Rita Repulsa and you talk like you need a drink of water. Maybe you’re constantly getting foiled by a half-wolf/half-man who rollerblades through space. Maybe…actually never mind. Jupiter Ascending is just a weird movie. Universe Sandbox 2 is just fifteen bucks. Buy it today.

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This was my second game on steam. the past 2 and a half years have been long in some ways and short in others.