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Happy New Year!!! :sparkler::tada::confetti_ball::fireworks:






He walked down the road. He always walked. He walked and waited and when challenged, he always rose up again, champion. As he walked, he checked the strap on his fighting gloves, unfastening them and restrapping them on a little tighter. A light wind ruffled his thick black tufts of hair, and he felt the tails of his bright red headband slide down through the sweat on his neck after briefly being made airborne by the breeze. He stopped and slid his hundred-pound bag off his shoulder and plopped it down into the dust by his feet.

He didn’t know it, but what the champion thought was a small earthquake was actually a shining man from the depths of space entering the atmosphere, the light of the galaxy reflected in the bright gold of his legendary helmet. He is not a hero, but a sentinel, and now, with word of the metal demon in his castle breaking down the barriers between worlds, there is no great choice to be made, no great sacrifice. It’s just his job, and when his sensors show him the man in white who walks down the road, he comes to the fight with all speed, both hands stretched forward, flying faster than any man the champ had ever seen.

He did not even know it was a man before his knees began to bend. The spirit of the Earth was behind him, the spirit of victory and glory, and the very air around him began to swirl and twist. He looked down for the briefest moment at his fist, and whether it was really there or not, he saw it burning with a righteous fire. The golden light grew larger in the sky, but rather than planning his move in his brain, his body merely acted, and as Nova reached a height just 8 feet above the ground, Ryu dragon punched him right in the face, cleaning his clock so hard a halo of trees and grass were pressed into the dirt around them.

In the silence, a single phrase, from nowhere, rings out:
“Player 2 Win!”

The official trailer for ULTIMATE MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3:

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I don’t know anything about this game except you can get if on Steam for almost a dollar more.


I still hate Ryu. Hadoken like a rapid-fire machine gun. ><


I still don’t understand why MvC4 decided to go 2 v 2.

Also didn’t she invite us for a ride for over a decade? I mean she’s been talking about it since MvC 2.

And on a more random thought, I want Capcom to team up with SNK and make a CvS game again. And I want CvS, not SvC. Gimme the 2D/3D hybrid fighters with multiple choices of charge meters from both Capcom and SNK games (Groove System)… Damn I miss CvS 2. (SvC? Not so much.)

Oh right, this game. It’s good. Wish the character roster was even bigger, since NONE of my characters from MvC2 survived the purge (sadly featured in the Days of Future Past parody Missing Persons poster), but I’ll make do with X-23, Zero, and Chun-Li. Normally I use Captain Commando, Guile, and Charlie/Nash. Chun-Li… Only in arcades since I’m better at using her with an arcade stick, but with MvC3, I have little choice but to use her at all times. And no, I’ve lost every match. I dunno what I’m doing.


Me in every fighting game, including DMC. Can’t wait for new computer so I can pet Dante more.

I’m more a KOF and Garou fan when it comes to 2D fighting games. I’ve got to find Garou Mark of the Wolves somewhere (it was on my now dead external HDD).