Ubisoft Forward is seeing you again

I read that the trailer shown was from an older build, which begs the question: why show that when there was a better thing to show?

Anyway, I really hope it gets improved to the quality a beloved classic game like this deserves.


New intern guy’s fault, obviously kappa



Because trailers take time to put together, especially in a big company like Ubisoft where every step of the process has to be signed off by a whole queue of execs.

It’s also possible the latest build isn’t quite stable enough to just send to another department without having to also send one of the devs along or adding a bunch of temporary fixes, taking time away from development.


It makes sense. But why show it in that state? Why not hold back and show it when its better?

I mean, were they not expecting the backlash? They thought people would love it? In a time where we’re getting remasters like Mafia, Resident Evil 2 and 3, Crash and Spyro that look great, people expect things to be in that level.


That I couldn’t tell you. My guess would be that they overcommitted. These events have their content locked in weeks or months ahead of time, and it all needs to be ready well ahead of the presentation. It’s possible the devs thought they could get an updated build ready in time but failed, or it’s possible Marketing knew they’d get ugly art but needed whatever they had for this specific event, because they had a different focus locked in for the next one.


It’s a bit funny though. Ubisoft for the past 6-7 years have consistently been causing controversy by showcasing overpolished marketing material resulting in games looking nowhere near as good as the, by release time, years old demos and videos. Now they’re showcasing WIP that looks like it’s actually not finished and people are giving them a hard time for it?