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Ubisoft Forward is seeing you again


Tune-in to Ubisoft Forward on September 10, 12 PM PDT for the latest new announcements and big surprises, plus some in-game rewards when you login to your Ubisoft account and watch.

Nice memory :smirk:


Oh no, not again


Here we go again… Can’t wait for the login to become broke and they apologize for server overload later.


Oh dear… Maybe better prepared this time


If it works lol


:mailbox_with_mail: BUMP :mailbox_with_mail:



It’s been known for quite some time already, you should recognize what’s on the top left.

Also, something for someone with that pfp. :wink:


Again, and it won’t work again either.


I do :wink: . Also in that image, isn’t the big one on the bottom also PoP related? Reminds me of Forgotten Sands.


Im already logged in so hoping nothing will break till the start of the show. :slight_smile:


Likely, the bridge leading to a fountain in the Sands of Time remake. Talking about Forgotten Sands might be jumping the gun a bit… It’s also possible there’s a bridge in Valhalla that looks exactly like that. :rofl:


FYI, I did get “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” free on 07/11/16 during their Ubisoft 30th anniversary event, so some of you may have it from then as well (in case they give it again today). :nerd_face:


I wonder if they learned from their error…:thinking:


We’ll find out in a few hours. O_o


It might work today, since there’s no promises of any free game or anything, just free in-game rewards.


Oh I wasn’t suggesting that they’re remaking Forgotten Sands too :smile:. Just pointing out that image in particular has a PoP vibe too.


Rewards are here. :point_left:

All in-game items
For Honor : 3 XP Boost Tickets
Hyper Scape : Refract Baton
Watch Dogs Legion : Ubisoft Forward Mask
Rainbow Six Siege : Year 5 Events Charm


Yos it seems to be workin or i hope lol