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Two Point Hospital - 11/11/18 - $29


Today’s deal is Two Point Hospital!





Nurse: In here, Dr. Chrono…

Chrono: Alright, I’m here, what seems to be the problem?

Nurse: Cubism, representing a radical shift away from looking at things from a single viewpoint, sir.

Chrono: Hmm…Doctor Harris…do you concur?

Harris: Uhh…concur with what, sir?

Chrono: With what the nurse just said, Doctor!

Harris: Umm…yeah it’s Cubism. He told us that representing the subject from multiple viewpoints gives greater context…?

Chrono: So…you concur?

Harris: Umm…

Nurse: I think we should just give a few photographs to look at, come at it from the angle that depicting reality in an unrealistic way is too extra.

Chrono: Very good, very good, well, it seems like you don’t have much need for me, I’ll just go back to putting Two Point Hospital on sale for an amazing price.


Harris: Man…I blew it, didn’t I?

Nurse: What?

Harris: Why didn’t I concur?

The official trailer for Two-Point Hospital:

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today’s text; gold :ok_hand:


Why I am so cheep? I want this game but thinking that 17% is to little for me to buy it.


Another game on my wishlist :o
But truth be said, it’s not a real deal considering that I can get it much cheaper elsewhere. 25,5 euro vs ~23 euro (21,25 if you take a more dodgy/gray site). These mentioned prices aren’t even real sales, since Black Friday and Christmas are still coming up rather soon as well.

If it were say 20$ I would have taken the plunge, but right now I rather just wait for a bigger sale.

Also, there are the payment methods as said before in a different topic, currently I have to put in a lot of effort to pay via paypal or find someone with a credit card compared to a simple bank transfer which I can use on the alternative sites.


I have this game wishlisted for some time now, but I couldn’t bear myself to buy it for several reasons. First because it launched with Denuvo which has since been removed. But now, the issue with ridiculously long cue lines forming outside GP’s offices is what’s putting me off. So yeah, until that is fixed I might be holding off buying the game.


As a suggestion, for the countries that can’t purchase a key, is it possible for them to be listed in alphabetical order? This doesn’t affect me, but when I was looking at it I couldn’t tell how they were listed, so looking for a particular country took a little longer than if they were in alphabetical order.


You need to build more GPs offices then. Or is there some sort of bug that makes patients not spread out to other available GPs?


Are there any differences between the regional versions?


That’s the thing, in late game once you reach the final areas of the game the game WILL force you to spam GPs offices just so you can keep up effectively decreasing the plots in your hospital for other facilities you might need.

A few people over at the game’s Steam forums have also reported that the Patients’ Pathing AI still needs tweaking.