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Turmoil - 3/30/19 - $2.50


Today’s deal is Turmoil!



The official trailer for Turmoil:

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Sale price info:
This is the lowest Turmoil has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous low was $2.99 on Steam.

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this is actually a pretty decent little chill management game, had some okay fun couple of hours relaxing with it
-was even on my “to complete list”, before i accidentally wiped my drive, and i think i need the expansion now too :blush:


And this is a perfect example as to why i want to have you on my Steam Friends list…

I have 24 friends who already have this game…Get the free OST!!!


I heartily recommend this game. A steal at $2.50. A lot of fun.


I really enjoyed Turmoil. The expansion is pretty good as well even though it doesn’t add all that much overall. For $2.50 it’s a great deal, but you generally are only going to play through this once. They’ve added some ‘daily quest’ type missions where you can shoot for high scores and those aren’t bad, but it’s really all about going through the campaign. It’s not particularly challenging, just your standard management sim hurdles, but it’s easy to get lost in it for hours with the mellow music and point-and-click gameplay.


Agreed. Great game especially for 2.50. Fun little casual game. Satisfying to see the money roll in and upgrades are also satisfying.

Just a thought, this is available on mobile. If you lean toward mobile purchases for lightweight games, that might be where you want to purchase it. I was completely happy on the desktop version but have considered mobile as well.


Quite a fun little game, especially for $2.50. :+1: