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Turmoil - 1/6/20 - $2.49


Today’s deal is Turmoil!





Hello there, friend. My name is Daniel Plainview, and I represent your fading memories of the movie There Will Be Blood. As you may (or may not) remember, I am an oil man, and as such, I’m here to give you some oil manning tips before you get into your own game of Turmoil, which is a sentence I do not understand, but I have also been told to tell you that it currently costs a whopping two dollars and forty-nine cents to purchase it.

-Those big wooden triangles you sometimes see in cowboy movies are oil derricks, that is, we use them to dig for oil.

-Sometimes these huge triangles catch on fire. If you squint you can remember the scene very early in the film where this happens to me. I got rich eventually, but admittedly, this part gave me a real fright.

-Much more ruthless and unforgiving however, are the people SURROUNDING the oil you may or may not find. If you remember, there are several points in the film where I have to act pretty crazy in order to assert my dominance over the oil, and to convince people to buy it fairly.

-Do I have a deaf son in the film? I simply cannot remember. I know Paul Dano was in it and I seem to remember him being a preacher, but wasn’t he a little too young for that back then? Maybe I’m just off on how old I think he is. Whatever.

-Comparing oil to a branching network of straws and milkshakes is at best a shaky metaphor. However, do let it empower you to be as much of a scoundrel and a vagabond as your heart tells you to. One time I even let my heart beat a man to death with an old-timey bowling pin!

-Oh wait no yeah, Paul Dano DID play the priest. So who the hell played my son then? Does he grow up halfway through the movie? Is that why I can’t place the face?

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Noice yos


Fun game, good strategy, a little RNG based but that can be mitigated with skill and in-game abilities, dailies, and perhaps best of all semi-casual (easy to play one zone for 10 minutes and quit). I know the expansion is good also. Good studio to follow, they updated the game often for about a year!


I want a handlebar mustache peripheral to go with this game. And maybe suspenders too… Yeahhhh, suspenders too.