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Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince - 1/20/20 - $16.99


Today’s deal is Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince!




You’re in an endless and comfortable black. Your mind is clear, your body is loose, you are warm and safe and good. You open your eyes and you’re STUNNED to see that in reality you just closed your eyes a little too long at a work meeting, and while you were sleeping, your boss asked you a question. Everything is still hazy and blue, but your chest tightens as you realize the whole room is staring at you in silence.

Wait…what meeting is this?

Something isn’t adding up. You can hear yourself speaking your thoughts.

Is…is this real?


Am I dreaming…?


Fangs explode into everyone’s mouths and your cubicle-mate hisses like a king cobra. But then…a voice.

“…and then you jump up there, and then I pull the lever…and….HA!”

The shutters fly open, and the vampire office shrieks in unison as arrows and fireballs fly in through the windows and turn them to ash!

“Hi! We’re the characters from Trine 4! The joke of this ad copy is that we’re saving you from one of your own weird ass nightmares just like how we save Prince Sellus in our game, which again, is called Trine 4, and is available today on for just $16.99!”

It was a pretty weird dream, to be honest. Must’ve had some weird cheese.

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This is matches the lowest Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous low was $16.99 on GamesPlanet.

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I need to get around to finishing that series. Online co-op is always a welcoming feature, so this is nice.


It’s not quite up there 1 and 2 but it’s still a really fun game and highly recommended.
It is honestly a more solid game than the other 2 but to do that they did away with a lot of the fun physics jank which made it possible to play the original games in so many different ways.


We pre-ordered this one as we love the whole series, including Trine 3. I say Trine 4 is the best one in the series. Most content as far as base game and they took everything that worked from 2 and 3 and expanded upon it to make it more fun. We had a great time with it and got about 14 hours with the first play through. This is a great price and well worth it :slight_smile: