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Trident's Wake - 3/23/19 - $10.99


Today’s deal is Trident’s Wake!





Normally, we here at Chrono are a pretty peaceful bunch. Sure, we’re constantly selling games where you kill people to win, but then again, can’t we all tell the difference between a little fantasy and reality? Like, definitely be responsible with underdeveloped young minds, and protect from the ugliness of the world until they’re ready to play with gore turned on, but once you’re a smart human who controls their own life, if you wanna base your own self worth on your ability to get a headshot with a mouse and keyboard, that’s on you. We’ll just be over here supporting you and hoping someday we can all get along.

However there is ONE scenario in which we would absolutely vote for war, and that’s the one where they start taking all our consciousnesses and uploading them into machines. Seems a little weird, we know, but honestly ask yourself: would you rather be a smart toaster that can burn Sonic the Hedgehog onto a slice of bread, or a Uber-deadly killing machine sent to remotely liberate a space station that represents humanity’s last chance at survival from a bunch of scary aliens? What would be more fun?

And yes, the reason we’re bringing this all up is DEFINITELY because we’re selling a game just like this today called Trident’s Wake, which is also co-op and lets you buy upgrades for your gear as you play, but don’t let that cloud the overall message here, which is that peace is awesome (again, unless we have a chance to inhabit lethal robotic bodies and murder a bunch of faceless alien drones, in which case we’ll be fully selfish). We hope this resonates with you wherever you are, and there’s no doubt this game is exponentially cheaper than actually having your mind placed in a machine, so what choice do you really have? Buy Trident’s Wake today.

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