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Tricky Towers - 6/1/19 - $4.99


Today’s deal is Tricky Towers!





Oh yeah, they said, get the wizards to do the construction for you, it’ll be way easier and you don’t even have to pay for the materials! Well, you know me, I’m just a young man looking to start a family with nothing to my name but a baby and me boots! Of course I says yes! It was like a genie coming out of the lamp and offering me a free wish! At the time, though, if I’d known we’d be gettin’ the monkey’s paw version of a free house, I’d have said no quicker than nothing, I tell you what, or my name isn’t Gormimus Galmooga! (Though, unfortunately, it is.)

Because here’s what everyone KINDLY forgot to mention: you see, these wizard-folk? It’s all just a game to them, you see! They just sit around floating up there in their dumb little clouds racing to see who can stack the tallest, most narrow, unstable tower possible, and then, once it’s all finished, and probably one or two unlucky individuals have already died from falling debris, they stick a poor unsuspecting homeowner atop it, with nary a flight of stairs to get back down.

Can you imagine? I’ve heard of folks spending more than the cost of a house in the first place just building a ladder up from the ground to their front door! Did you know I had to learn to garden and keep chickens in my kitchen just so I don’t have to bring grocery bags up from the market everyday? It’d probably kill me if I had to. But oh yeah, please, have fun with Tricky Towers. I’ll just be up here trying to figure out how to build a zipline to my kid’s school…

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This is the lowest Tricky Towers has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous sale was $5 on the best website known to the human race,

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I have 18 friends who already have this. Get the FREE OST:


A fun twist on Tetris (with lots of physics involved and the results are as chaotic you’d expect!) that is best enjoyed with a few friends and can be a good time-filler in between longer sessions.


If you want to play tetris 99 but you dont have a switch this might be worth getting


Buy this game!!!


dead game though, only worth it if u have ppl to play with