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Trick or Treat ... if you Dare! Closed giveaway. Ran from Nov. 2 - 3rd, 2019


Poor Sloth. :persevere:

Awesome funny effort, @Danacscott. Good job :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


@Danacscott, thanks for both keys yesterday.

I downloaded and played SATAZIUS right away, spent half an hour on it and didn’t get too far. The game has some interesting weapon choices and more unlocked the farther you got in. I quickly found a combination that worked well for me and basically stuck with it for my first play session.

Came back and was looking at the list of giveaway games, and saw STEEL STRIDER, which is done by the same developers. I thought, well, the the shoot-em-up is pretty fun, how about we try to do some dice rolls to try this game out as well.

I didn’t really have time or energy as it was a bit later last night, and so I tried it out today. Boy, it’s some old-school retro-styled run and gun fun. Your character is more mechanized and has a jump and float jet-pack like system with the jump system feeling similar to Yoshi’s jump and hold floaty feel. Quite a few weapons in this game and they can all get upgraded. I just spent another half hour or so gunning down various machine enemies, and it feels like a really good contra-style game with difference in movement mechanics, but great fun!

Thanks again and thank you to all of the sponsors as well. :smiley:


Man, great reviews on the games and from the players. ^^

@YQMaoski Sounds like you found 2 gems there. Hee hee. Keep playing and you won’t have time to write reviews for them, :stuck_out_tongue:



130 messages…y’all are insane



If you’re interested, post after this, anytime and I’ll revive it again next weekend. Cheers! Love ya.

So I missed it twice. And I will probably miss it next weekend. So you should definitely do it again!:joy:


Big hugs to all you sweet people for the :heart:, even after the event. My notifications numbers have been nuts, lol! ^^

It’s the weekend … and I’m sick >> Picked a cold / flu or something dumb like that. Going to meet mom today, so running is live is definitely out today. Also, will need to rest a lot, so what I’ll do:

  • Tally all the games won in this contest
  • Take note of all the ones left over
  • Put all that in a final post.
  • Cackle evilly while I continue to brainistorm a December Live. :japanese_goblin:

You guys, in the meantime, be good, be safe, stay beautiful. :hugs:


Feel betters :hugs::hugs::hugs:


@Danacscott I forgot to say thank you for the giveaway last time. Thank you!

How many rounds have I been missing? Jeez… I clearly must not be paying attention or something. This thread has become insane!

I would like to make a suggestion and maybe it’s my own incompetence and I may not be checking the thread enough, but I wonder if it would be a good idea, since there have been so many rounds, to either change the topic each new round there is or say the days and times in the topic when the rounds are or something. It’s impossible to know exactly when the rounds are and I check here everyday so missing these rounds kind of sucks because I usually don’t miss giveaways very often and they can be really fun. I just wish there was a better way to know ahead of time or something because I’m sure I’m not the only one who can’t keep up with all of the rounds and insanity of this thread. Insanity in a good way of course.

Should I have set the notifications for this topic to watching to see each reply? That seems like madness to keep up with though with how insane this thread has become.

I’m not trying to say anything bad about this @Danacscott, keep up the awesome giveaways and I have no idea how you keep up with this insane thread, no matter how your doing it, keep doing it. I’m just trying to let you know what maybe might work better for future giveaways especially ones as massive and constant such as this.

I forgot this is a live event… Oops. Well either way I don’t know how I’m supposed to keep up with this.

If anyone has suggestions as well how to keep up with this, please let me know. I don’t like missing out on awesome stuff like this.


Hi @Koroth. The current title was a change for if people wanted me to continue the giveaway this weekend.

This live event started November 2nd and continued November 3rd. During that time, the start of a new set of rounds was always stated in Pacific Time (PT), in the title.

Each new round got a title change: We got through 13 rounds in total! Not bad! ^^

So the only way to keep up with the dynamic nature of the thread was to be here at the time of the Live really, and because of the (PT stamp) notice in the title, there was always hours (or overnight) notice of when the contest restarted for the day.

Only made the Reopen Title change, because people had so much fun, and there were still some games left to be won. Unfortunately, I’m having a sick week/weekend, so I’ve decided to close it. (See 2 posts above this one).

Sorry for the confusion, but I do appreciate that you want to make suggestions to make things run as well as possible.

So, I’ve got a germ of an idea for a December live. Please feel free to PM me with any suggestions or ideas you may have. In the 3rd post, from the top, you’ll see where I mentioned my sponsors and helpers. Happy to get an extra brain in on making these things go smoothly anytime. ^^ Cheers.