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Trick or Treat ... if you Dare! Closed giveaway. Ran from Nov. 2 - 3rd, 2019


1st roll: :game_die: 9
Final score => 9


I’ve a got a ton of games left. I may just run this next weekend. I think it’s Halloween all year anyways. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks Dana. I snagged a game in an early round anyways so I’m not too bummed haha. Thanks for the giveaway!


In 3 mins, I’ll end the round since it’s not a lot of us online here. ^^

Wish I could oblige during the week, but it’ll be a busy one. T_T


Let’s see if 13 means anything.
@discobot roll 1d10


:game_die: 3


Round 13: Dare! @discobot roll 2d10


:game_die: 9, 5


Pretty average.
Final score = 7


Welp! Closing Time!

House roll: @discobot roll 3d6


:game_die: 2, 5, 1


Ach! So close @dast T_T For my fav. round, with your permission. I can impose the -2 failsafe and you can pick a prize!

@ljrounds In any case, you can pick a prize now!


I’ll choose Ara Fell and thank you!


No idea what that means but I’ll pick On Rusty Trails, if it’s permissible.


And that’s it for me for tonight, folks!

Thank you ALL so much for the laughs and making this a fun time. ^^ You guys made doing this so worthwhile and I’ve had a great time. :heart:

If you’re interested, post after this, anytime and I’ll revive it again next weekend. Cheers! Love ya.


Thanks again for all your efforts with this event. It was fun! G’nite.


Yesh! Good night. I hope to sleep like a log - but I don’t quite trust waterbeds.


Ara Fell is great! :smiley:


My grin is as big as a sloth’s. ^^ Happy, happy!


With the heat of giveaway over i wanted to drop in a thanks for @Danacscott for making this happen and all the contributors for being opposite-leprechauns and gifting so many great games to this event :slight_smile: Cheers.

P.S This sloth heard about giveaway yesterday but he’s just making it here now .