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Trick or Treat ... if you Dare! Closed giveaway. Ran from Nov. 2 - 3rd, 2019


LOL @Buzzyboii Please choose a treasure, as if I couldn’t guess …


First!! it’s preventing my post!


Oops, haha didn’t notice.

Well played, good sir.


Ugh, it was the same as a previous post so it blocked it!


I’ll take the Star Wars game. Thank you as always :heavy_heart_exclamation:


I have a spare key that I didn’t use yet, you want it? It’s for Exowar, I forgot to claim it yesterday


Yes, that’s a Chrono precaution to prevent duplication cough SPAM cough

Next time, you guys wait for the SHOOT! If you’re ever around for the Daily Deal here, M00 buys a game and gifts it to someone who says First! after his post.


Thank you, but I have Exowar. In any case, these random obstacles are all part of the game. No worries!


Either way, well played tips fedora


Noted. I have premature quick draw syndrome!


Oh right! Thanks @anyamtikja for the game, much appreciated!


and with KOTOR gone, i’ll be going too. after one last round, if there will be one :cowboy_hat_face:

@danacscott thanks for hosting the event :+1:


If anyone wants a key for Exowar, hmu. Probably could go to someone better.


Yup doing another round, the instant 8 changes to Round 9. One sec my peeps! :heart:


Rolling, rolling, rolling
@discobot roll 1d10


:game_die: 2


Rolling, rolling, rolling
Dare! Round9 @discobot roll 2d10


@discobot roll 1d10


:game_die: 6, 9


:game_die: 7