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Tremor Games shutting down today


Use or copy your unused keys now. I doubt new purchases will be approved on time so I think it’s too late to use your coins.

Announcement link


that site doesn’t load for me; also what coins r u talking about?


Sounds like it’s some sort of free flash game site, not planning on mourning their passing.


It’s one of those places to get cheap steam keys, looks like the site doesn’t work at all now. They did say in their original announcement to finish all activities by Nov 24, so we are well past that point now…


It s a chrono similar site. You do tasks. You get rewarded with coins, you use these coins to buy cheap game ( that s what i remember… that was 3 years ago)


heh, I visited that site once, but couldn’t do anything cause I wouldn’t install flash…I mean, it’s 2018, use HTML 5 or gtfo



kinda like gamesbolt


They (Tremor Games), don’t even allow my country access to their service so good riddance I say :smiling_imp:


I tried using it before. I didn’t really like it.