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Treasure Hunter Simulator - 7/20/19 - $7.99


Today’s deal is Treasure Hunter Simulator!





The man with the metal detector walks along the beach. What a satisfying hobby, he thinks as he rifles his fingers through the pouch of small metallic baubles he’s found stuck deep in the dusty white sand. He feels past the coins, the paperclips, and the bits of half rusted trash for the holy grail of his journey so far: a broken off piece from something like a buoy or ship. Truly, this is what all the metal detecting has been for. He holds it in the light and fantasizes about posting it later on r/whatisthisthing, to much admiration.

Just then, a teen passes by on a BMX bike. Hey gramps, he screams. Nice clump! What is that, a robot shit? He speeds off along the sunny shore, leaving the man with the metal detector all alone. Except now, all he sees when looks in his hand is robot shit. Suddenly he remembers how much he paid for his metal detector, and his hobby seems way less cool than it did a minute ago. Screw this, he thinks. I could be metal detecting anywhere. And if I move quickly, he remembers, I can do it for just eight bucks.

Back at home, the man plays a copy of Treasure Hunter Simulator he bought on while the real deal takes five in the corner. Suddenly he’s metal detecting all over the world, pulling ancient relics and artifacts out of the ground like turnips in Mario 2, the robot shit slowly fading into the past like a bad dream. The next day, the man with the metal detector goes out again for real, once again filled with the romance his little beeping stick has been giving him since the day he brought it home from the store.

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I’m going to dig up the entire field like an annoying dog! I don’t care for treasure, I just want to make a bunch of holes and aggravate City Hall.

I might randomly bury other people’s valuables though.