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Tracks - The Train Set Game - 9/28/17 - $7.99


Today’s deal is Tracks - The Train Set Game!




Hard night in a hard city down at the cyberbar. Liquid light pools in the streets and reflections move like tiny neon dreams along the surface, in their own separate little curved worlds. Ahead of you, the spot seems a little too industrial-looking for a night club, and as you walk in past the bio-modded bouncers, bulging muscles glowing green with radioactive muscle-enhancing fluid, you remember that officially, this might not even be a legit night club at all, but you know what you want. As you approach the bar, you remind yourself that this is the only way.

Just as you settle onto your stool for the night, there’s a tap on your shoulder. “Hello friend,” says the voice. “Strange night we’re having isn’t it?”

“Oh, for fu-“

“…Isn’t it?”

“Yes, yes! Quite strange, indeed! There, I said it! Now do you have the stuff I need or not?!” You plead.

“Depends on what you want,” said the stranger, with a confident smirk. “…but probably, yeah.”

“All right,” you say. “Gimme the Trains.”


“The Trains! Don’t you see? I wanna be a little boy again! Send me to that giant digital choo choo sandbox where everyone and everything is made of strong digital wood!”


“I wanna build freely, and for everything to just work automatically! And I wanna ride around wood world in first person while traveling along my own cool track!”



“No! No! It’s cool, I can do it! It’s just, I thought you wanted something crazy messed up. You could have just bought this on the Chrono launch sale for like $7.99.”

“Oh. Really?”

“Yeah, but hey, at least you know about this cool cyberpunk-themed bar though now, right?”

“I…guess? Look, I just really wanna play with some trains.”

“Me too, man. Me too…”

The official trailer for Tracks - The Train Set Game:

Sale price info:
This is the lowest Tracks - The Train Set Game has ever been discounted, previous low was $9.99 on Steam.

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i’m not really a train guy/aficionado, but this still looks sorta cute, i think i’m gonna keep an eye on this one’s ea outlook
(buried on page 2 of new releases, because ofc flooded with “new releases”-that isn’t actually released. If it wasn’t for Chrono i’d probably never know it’s release or existence)


I like the new category icons. Fun art!


Finally had enough coins, with 208 coins left to spare, to snag a copy for myself :blush:

Now the long, and I mean really, really long trek to collect coins again begins anew :smiley: