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Town of Salem - 7/30/19 - $2.49/$4.50/$2.49


Today’s deal is Town of Salem!

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Salem was the town where all the witchy stuff happened, right? Ok I’m not actually asking, I googled it ahead of time so I know don’t worry. And by witchy stuff, I mean more, “sinking people in ponds on the briefest suspicion that they might be magical.” I still don’t understand that, like yeah the big G man and everything but wouldn’t you want to hang out with someone who can do magic? That’s a pretty big boon for your whole town if you have a goddamn witch living there.

That’s besides the point though. So this game, it’s called the Town of Salem, yeah? You’d think I’d expect witches to be there, right? Wrong. It’s clearly gonna be a game about Werewolves. Historically yeah, Salem = Witches. But now it’s kind of synonymous with mysterious gothic-esque horrors and Werewolves is a pretty popular game these days, so I’m definitely expecting a few of those fuzzy boys to be wandering around doin’ a munch or two. And I was right. Case closed, Town of Salem is about Werewolves and Witches and a very scared town.

OBJECTION! Case not closed, there’s a Mafia too apparently??? There’s a little bit of era confusion here for me, I mean did Werewolves exist at the same time as Mafias? What about Witches? If Mafias still exist then does that mean Werewolves still exist too? And who’s bad in this equation?? I thought the Witch and Werewolf were the no-no’s since it’s Salem and we know how that town feels about them, but how do they feel about Mafiosos? I have too many questions. Up is down and down is up and Town of Salem is only $2.49 today. Grab it and turn your friends into enemies; whether this means they’ll be Witches or Werewolves or Mafia though, I have no idea.

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Really fun game! Already have it with the dlc so I won’t be buying it. As the second review says once you know all the roles it gets really fun.


@Riouz, @AcornAvenger Lookie lookie!