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Tower of Time - $7.49 - 5/16/19


Today’s deal is Tower of Time!





Listen gamers, we don’t have hundreds of hours to sink into every high profile classic mmo beta we didn’t get invited to, but today, with this absolutely in-effing-credible game Tower of Time, it’s already fading back into the past, because now, fifty hours in, we feel like goddamn battle geniuses, our brains exploding like that dude at the end of that old meme. Remember that? No? We bet you do. It was a very good meme.

Anyway, back to what we were saying about not getting invited to the World of Warcraft Classic beta, all we’ve got is time. Tower of Time, that is, which is a really really good strategic dungeon crawler, which rips not only on the story front, but also on the “being a fully-featured RPG” front. And really, who wants to play that other old game we can’t even remember the name of? Tower of Time is much better!

And really, is there a better way to spend seven fifty than drowning your very first-world sorrows in a good game that actually WANTS you to play it? Hell no there isn’t! What are you going to do instead? Time travel back to 2004? Because that’s priceless, okay! PRICELESS! So please, buy yourself a copy of Tower of Time today. At least SOMETHING should go right today somewhere…

The official trailer for Tower of Time:

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This matches the lowest Tower of Time has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous low was $7.49 on GOG.

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I find this review, Sounld like great underrated gem , new CRPG with small fanbase but dame good, at last accurding to this video


I couldn’t help but pick this one up. The gameplay looks really good. Been on my wishlist for a while too. Thanks!


Sadly my luck again didn’t let me get this one, My card won’t work and Friday is the weekend here so I may pick it up normal later