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Tower of Time - 10/2/19 - $7.49


Today’s deal is Tower of Time!





It is here, the worst case scenario you only imagined in your nightmares. You were walking your dog this morning, and when he sat and gave you his paw like you asked, and you reached into your pocket to give him a treat, there was a three second window where the hand with the leash in it and the hand holding your piping hot coffee cup were one and the same. Normally this would be fine, but at the very same moment you were fishing around in your pants for your dog’s reward, his pomeranian nemesis Cheeto came around the corner and he shot off after him.

This naturally led back to his leash, which snapped your arms out straight and launched your coffee in the air. So now, the dog is running away, you’re seconds away from getting some seriously bad coffee stains, and to top it all off, the downward motion of your hands grasping for Milk Bones pulled your pants down off your hips, so now they’re falling too. Utter shame and failure are almost a certainty, and the fact that this gives Cheeto a win is almost more than you bear this Wednesday morning.

So what do you do? Well, unfortunately, in real life, nothing. You’re gonna be pulled onto your ass with your pants around your ankles and drenched with cold coffee. But, with the Arrow-Time combat system from Tower of Time, things could be different. You could pause time and think about it, redistribute your weight, figure out a way to catch your pants as you widen your stance, brace yourself to catch the coffee, and leave yourself in a power stance that’ll leave Cheeto owing you one. It would be the coolest thing that ever happened in your life. You deserve that on a Wednesday. Tower of Time is only $7.49 today. Treat yourself to a little extra breathing room and defeat all of life’s challenges.

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Sale price info:
This matches the lowest Tower of Time has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous low was $7.49 on GOG.

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Actually this matches the low from Chrono’s last sale of the game, when I made the purchase… hehe. Unfortunately time constraints and other obligations have kept this still out of arm’s reach for me…


Looks cool and unique. Will note it for another time. :heart:

Edit: Giant golem! :heart_eyes: