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Tower of Guns - 6/8/20 - $2.49


Today’s deal is Tower of Guns!





I sit here in the wind and the cold staring down at all the ant-sized humans down below, who still think the Tower of Guns has a top. I mean, don’t misunderstand, it absolutely does have one, but answer me this, huh? Once you reach the top of such a tower, what next? What can match the whoosh of air collapsing around you as the man-sized cannon balls fly past? Not even fifteen years as a French ballerina can match the glory of a circle strafe properly executed, I just, it’s just, it’s glory.

And look, maybe I’m overblowing it. I am merely human, like you. If you prick me, I bleed. If you turn on my Switch, you will see my Animal Crossing village. But here at the top of the Tower of Guns, all that seems miles away. I look down at the rocket launcher I’m holding in my hand, shotgun mod glistening in the holy gunman’s light. It feels comfortable; it’s right. It’s memories. It’s life. It’s like a Peloton for people who used to play Doom II. Just a little every day. Never stop climbing the tower…

And yet someday, eventually, you will. You will come to the end of the journey, and look back, and ask yourself: was it worth it? Did I grow from kneeling so long at the altar of powder and fire? It is impossible to know. And yet, looking back at your bank statement, for all those hours of purpose and focus and joy, it only cost you a mere $2.49. You’d almost just throw that off the top just to see how it falls. So honestly, from where we’re standing, it barely even matters at all.

The official trailer for Tower of Guns:

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Whee! That’s good to know. ^^

This is a cute game. bookmarks for now Edit: Also, rocket launchers are cute too.


Big Ol’ Spikeroom… What a name.