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Total War™: ROME II Emperor Edition - 12/22/18 - $13.50


Today’s deal is Total War™: ROME II - Emperor Edition!





Ah yes, Total War: Rome II Emperor Edition, the Rome-iest Ancient Rome game of all. Rome Rome Rome, and now we’ve got it here for you on sale for less than it would cost to even buy a MOVIE about Ancient Rome. In fact, just to get you all hype, the rest of this description is just going to be crazy facts about Rome:

  • Did you know that in Rome, left-handed people were thought to be unlucky? Like, MAN! If we think it’s hard to be different NOW, imagine getting roasted for picking up a fork with the wrong hand. Ludicrous.
  • Sometimes Trump has us worried when he appoints people to jobs they’re not qualified for, but one time Emperor Caligula fell in love with his horse Incitatus, gave him a completely marble stable, and tried to install him as a Roman consul. Oops!
  • Another weird thing about Rome was that people used to chill out at public toilets and chat while pooping because there was no such thing as stalls, just holes in a bench. This…actually seems kinda tight? Or least ripe with comedy potential?
  • Total opposite side of the spectrum, they commonly used piss to clean clothes in Ancient Rome. That’s a major bummer just in itself, but even worse is realizing that the dry cleaners had to go around and COLLECT piss from people too.
  • The weirdest thing of all though, is that high ranking Romans were so paranoid about being betrayed that they’d often be seen dosing themselves with cocktail mixtures containing small doses of all known poisons, just to build up an immunity. We can’t even begin to imagine how many people died from just this, but at least it’s a gesture of self love, right?

Anyway, Total War: Rome II Emperor Edition is on sale now, so buy it, play it, and see what all the hubbub’s about. Rome, dude. Crazy…

The official trailer for Total War™: ROME II - Emperor Edition:

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