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Tom Clancy Week - 1/14/19-1/20/19


Yeah unfortunately i think its restricted to those regions this time.


I was looking for an AU/NZ option as well. Sucks that there isn’t one :frowning:


Well, rip… guess I’m not getting Splinter Cell. Really should have made it clear that the games would not be available all week. That is a real bummer :frowning:


If it makes it any better, the games are frequently on sale and you might be better off playing SC1 first anyway.

Also, R6 Vegas 2 is awesome


if it’s any consolation, though the game looks rly great, this one felt rly soulless and boring for some reason


Yeah, Double Agent isn’t a series highlight. I don’t hate it like I do Blacklist, but it’s still a bit of a misstep for the series overall.


never played past the tutorial in double agent, rofl; i thought we were talking about Blacklist actually, lol