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Tom Clancy Week - 1/14/19-1/20/19


Welcome to Tom Clancy Week! We’ll be featuring a different Tom Clancy game every day through the 20th! Both The Division and a pre-order of The Division 2 will be featured all week long! Beta access to The Division 2 will be included with a purchase of the Division or pre-order of The Division 2!

NOTE: The featured game of the day (the one that isn’t either of the Division games) will be rotating out on a daily basis. It won’t last for the entire sale; it’s only for that day and then it’s gone.


Today’s deal options are:

The official trailer for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® Vegas:

The official trailer for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® Vegas 2:

Our favorite Steam reviews:

Rainbow Six Vegas

✪ keeN:

Timeless classic. Highly recommended. I don’t want to say too much on this game, as I feel it is another title that requires a good playthrough without too much spoiling of the delicious details.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2


We need an HD remake of RSV2 forget all those other games. Still the best shooter i ever got into

As always, use this thread to discuss the deal, talk about the game, and find people to play with!


who needs the silly epic store when you can just buy from chrono??!


Hey I’ve got a question about this. Are the season pass and games handed out as separate codes, or as a single redeemable code? I’m wondering because the current Humble bundle monthly bundle includes The Division, and I already went ahead and paid for that. I’m having fun with the game and would be interested in the DLC.


You will still need their launcher, so purchasing it here still supports Epic’s low-effort store.


but it says its a uplay thing so they better not force multiple whatdoyoucallthem
one is enough


false, no you don’t/won’t
it’s exactly the same as if buying on any other 3rd party store, you get a Uplay key and go through Ubisoft’s usual platform, that’s it.
you only go through epic if you buy direct on epic, just like back with steam, you could never buy "steam-ubisoft"keys on other stores, same principle here. Uplay is the platform.


yeah lets keep this nice prepurchase deal and force epic out of buisiness and let chrono be the main competitor for steam


Tom Clancy Week!


it’s part of why i mentioned, several times, i think removing it from steam was silly, since it’s still sold by other 3rd parties taking diff/bigger cuts than Epic (fanatical humble greenmangaming etc etc etc) making it seem like not having any good reason to remove it from 1 third party store(steam) and moving it to just yet another in the bunch(Epic) when it wasn’t actually an exclusive in any way :man_shrugging:

but i think it’s pretty cool it showing up on chrono like this regardless tho, and even if i’m betting it’s impossible to get Advanced Warfighter 2 this Tom Clancy week, i’m still kinda curious to see what else Chrono has managed to wrangle from Ubisoft :blush:


Y’all better buy Rainbow Six Vegas 2 if it shows up. Buy two copies, plow through its mediocre campaign, and enjoy the shenanigans of Rainbow Six’s greatest Terrorist Hunt mode to date.

Oh, and Splinter Cell is cool, as long as we’re not talking about Blacklist.

My predictions for the week are as follows…

  • Rainbow Six Vegas + Vegas 2
  • Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
  • Ghost Recon: Wildlands
  • The Division
  • Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
  • Splinter Cell… Conviction?
  • Maybe, just MAYBE Rainbow Six: Siege.


Please someone tell me the Division 2 will be less multiplayer-centric. D1 felt like a diamond in the rough with STUPID mp portions, like, so off putting


Just waiting to see what kind of discount Wildlands will get. Chrono might crack open my wallet this month after all…


Heh. Heh heh. Heheheh.


What’s The Division 2 about? Is it just a Tom Clancy Fortnite? Or a more advanced/updated version of WIldlands (I liked that one, the pop just died when I got it)?


no, it’s actually more like The Division 1 (but in Washington, I think? instead of New York, and maybe in Spring [that’s the impression i got at least] instead of Winter)

u could say it’s a bit like Wildlands though, but as a coop mmo semi-open world (with pvp in addition to pve) instead of just a coop pve open world



I never played Division, but it sounds pretty fun if its somewhat similar to Wildlands. I’ll have to check out the beta at least. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hey all, does The Division 2 beta come from the activation of The Division on Uplay or is it a separate code?


it states in the header clearly that 'new deals added daily’
but why remove the previous one?
its not really an addition just a change
or you just forgot to write ‘old deals subtracted daily’ somewhere?
i mean its not REALLY an issue it just suprised me thats all


what deal has been removed??
all 4 still appear up to me

edit nvm, forgot we had Rainbow Six the other day lol


So, looks like there’s no option for AU/NZ people to purchase and use any of these deals? Either I’m missing something or that’s a huge shame