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TinyBuild Week: The Final Station - 10/17/19 - $5.99


Today’s deal is The Final Station!





You can tell the train is driverless because it rips through the town like the whole thing was a miniature, and the cars itself are like big metal particles of electricity arcing and rattling down a line. The big yellow station house is small and empty and humming. This train station wasn’t here yesterday, almost as if the streets itself tumbled and shifted like clock pieces into something new every time. That man is dressed like a ninja. Those others are simply an absence of light. Welcome back, wary gamers, to TinyBuild Week.

The horde of featureless walkers shambles through the dining car, its menu itself like a whole microcosmic roguelike on giant folded paper. It was laminated, but your dinner came to the table different depending on what you order. Now it was nothing, just words on white, as the dark hobblers shred the car apart with just their dumb bulky bodies. What made you think you’d survive in this city as a conductor? You can’t even run away without everyone knowing exactly where you are. They’re coming closer.

Suddenly you blast through the brief darkness of a short tunnel and you shoot out like a bullet into the wide open desert which vanishes on the horizon on both sides of the track. The light is refreshing but it doesn’t stop those evil spectres on their march. Who let them on the train? Maybe they’ll get off at the next stop. That station sure does look familiar. Welcome to Tinybuild week. Streets of Rogue every day and one other killer title each time, Mon thru Fri. Today, we’ve got The Final Station. Beyond that, the possibilities are endless.

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Good game, recommended :slight_smile:


That’s a nice game that will keep you invested into being the best and the most responsible train driver you can be till the very end - even though you don’t technically control the train. Mind that while it has some nice battle mechanics, the gameplay is here to deliver the story, not the other way around. Even if you don’t normally play side scrolling shooters or stealth games, you’ll be fine.

If you prefer optional exploring to obligatory exposition in linear games, The Final Station will most likely be your cup of tea. But if you tend to ignore non-quest NPCs altogether and scroll filler documents, your journey will most probably end quickly, and the setup may seem bland.