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TinyBuild Week: Mr. Shifty - 10/18/19 - $5.99


Dawn of the final day! TinyBuild Week is coming to a close. It’s your last chance to grab Streets of Rogue for you and your pals, so what are you waiting for!? Don’t miss out!!!

Today’s deal is Mr. Shifty!





You see the world in flashes, like the final beats of a movie trailer. What is your job today, you wonder. You’ve been shifting so long you forgot you could walk. You forgot that the world doesn’t come in flashes, and that you can move in an unbroken continuous walk like a normal person whenever you want. One minute you’re outside it, the next you’re standing in the middle of the front room of the small yellow house that just appeared on the block. Welcome to Tinybuild week.

Today’s giant amorphous city streets are tame, quiet, and chill, ready for you to distort everyone’s perception of time and space with your powers. You could have been anything and you chose to be a thief. Good choice. After a minute of flashes, a blur of clunks and splortches, you look around to see you’ve killed a lot of people. Loot weighs heavy in your pockets like guilt but it practically gets lighter as you think about it.

They that little yellow room holds the greatest treasure of all. You’re here. You’re standing in the room. More guys enter, you turn them into mush. You stand both in front and behind them simultaneously. The box is there on the shelf. You shift to it and pull open the lid and inside is a slip of paper. “Welcome to last day of Tinybuild week. Streets of Rogue every day and one other killer title each time, Mon thru Fri. Today, we’ve got Mr. Shifty. There is nothing beyond that.” The city eats the tiny yellow building and you all disappear forever.

The official trailer for Mr. Shifty:

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Damn it, I wanted to make the Super Solvers reference! It’s like his fight against robots have turned him into an angry, violent vigilante against anyone now!