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TinyBuild Week: Guts and Glory - 10/16/19 - $7.49


Today’s deal is Guts and Glory!





The streets change again. Your vision moves to a window on the quaint yellow building up the street. You can barely see inside, but someone in there seems to be running around, trying to escape from a homicidal saw blade that’s chasing them up and forcing them up and over every piece of furniture that would outwit most human pursuers. The camera in your eyes zooms out to reveal that the whole scene was taking place on a set the size of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. At that exact moment a BMX biker crashes through the table with all the model buildings on it and break it in half. Tiny. Build. Week.

What is your job in this fine city today? Rodeo clown? Stuntman? Guy from Jackass? A little bit of each, actually, you think as you notice the shifting and tumbling elements that keep this city together rolling across the floor and settling into the shape of a wooden ramp. A father and son sail off it on a bike from the 1970’s, and it sends them sailing over the whole sad diorama with the busted up table and all the little neighborhoods and streets. It’s well-lit; it looks nice. Blood is beginning to pool underneath it all.

Suddenly, you’re on the freeway, driving behind some unlicensed repair truck with a bed filled to the brim with long wooden planks tied in bundles. You try to remember how you got here, and all you can remember is sailing through the air with your pride and joy by your side. You turn to see your son in the passenger seat and you think to yourself “I’m the dad,” before the inevitable loose bundle of wood flies straight thru the windshield short side first and hitting your head like a hammer, shooting your brains through your ears and out across everything from the ramp to the neighborhood to the shattered table. The BMX bike is covered in blood. A small piece of brain flew in through the miniature yellow window. Welcome to Tinybuild week. Streets of Rogue every day and one other killer title each time, Mon thru Fri. Today, we’ve got Guts and Glory. Beyond that, the possibilities are endless.

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