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Tiny Build Week: Speedrunners - 10/14/19 - $6.99


Welcome to Tiny Build Week! Servin’ you up some slick deals daily all brought to you by Tiny Build, in addition to Streets of Rogue, which we’re selling all week long!

Today’s deal is SpeedRunners!





You remember something funny happening between your shower and getting dressed today, but you’re not sure what. All the time while the water was pouring over your head, and you were just standing there thinking and being warm, you couldn’t shake this image of a little yellow miniature-sized building out of your mind. It looks so brittle and frail, like you could just breathe on it and it would crumble into dust. It must be Tinybuild week. Open up the front door and greet the city.

Whoa there, wait a second now. The city seems…off somehow, doesn’t it? It’s familiar but at the same time, it’s completely foreign, like if you went downtown in your dreams. Things MOVED here, changed; you can feel your wallet getting heavier as you save more and more money buying your favorite Tinybuild games at outrageously low prices. You reach down to grab your wallet, and now there’s an erroneous grappling hook in your hand? How did it get here? Who are these people hurtling past?

Will you race them or will you fight them? What should you choose in a city with a million options? The streets themselves have gone rogue. Suddenly you’re back in your brain, bending down closer to look at the miniature yellow structure you were dreaming about in the shower. Right up close next to the window, you can see you and your four friends playing local 4-player couch co-op inside. Welcome to Tinybuild week. Streets of Rogue every day and one other killer title each time, Mon thru Fri. Today, we begin with Speedrunners. Beyond that, the possibilities are endless.

The official trailer for SpeedRunners:

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hm, I rly want Streets of Rogue, but for some reason I think that game is overpriced for what it is. I might be wrong about that, but that is how i feel about it.


One of these amusing situations where a multipack is actually more expensive than just buying the titles one at a time by them selves. If only by one or three cents, but still.


I guess in krona, but not in dollars.


Math really does not change with currencies and Chrono only sells in USD. Streets of Rogue costs $11.99 two times which is $23.98. They have now changed the prices in the store though it used to say $23.99 and $47.99.


hm, k, didn’t see that, i checked just now and saw it was right, so yeah