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Thumper - 2/8/20 - $4.99


Today’s deal is Thumper!

Includes the OST!





The bug slides down the track to the sound of tribal drums and as you stare at it wondering what to do next it hits a sharp curve and its wings blow off into the Trapper-Keeper dreamscape. What the hell is…a light! You will it to activate with a little feeling down in your right hand. You can’t explain it but the wings fly straight on to the bug’s shell like Gordon Ramsay threw two cleavers at you. The world is a hot wheels racetrack that goes on forever.

You’re trying to remember how you got here, but the beat is too strong, too overpowering and your memories fade even more as you give yourself to the rhythm. Your hand twitches and the sky octopus falls. The explosion he makes when you die makes you remember home again, the Earth, your house where you live and the details of your daily life. The silver bug keeps moving down the track, and you flap and flap but you’ll never fly away. Just smashing through sticks with your silver exoskeleton and the endless dark rainbow night…

Suddenly, your neck feels heavy, like your head has been working out a little bit more. You reach up to wipe your hands on your face but they stop short about three inches out. You have a thought, you feel up the back of your neck for the strap, and suddenly all the fear and confusion melts away. You lift off the VR headset and you’re home. Your partner and your kids are watching you in awe.

“Where did you go in there?” they say. “Who were you in there?” You don’t have an answer, but you know they’re asking because they can tell you loved it.

The official trailer for Thumper:

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So many streamers play this. I wished Universal Studios would make an actual ride out of this. It would be terrifyingly beautiful. And there will always be employment opportunities for anyone who wants to clean up the perpetual output of mixing theme park food with motion sickness.

Also, I think the description were actual thoughts that went through Alex’s head when playing it. Seems less of a joke and more of a recount of the last time he played it.


Awesome game. It’s a bit difficult toward the end though but a great arcade style title. The faces appeared in my dreams for a while!


And here is @NME1’s review…