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Doubtful it’s a proof of id for a guard. I would think more likely a tourist stamp. Either way…it’s…err…in the trash compactor.


Why would you ask about it if you were just going to throw it out?

Also, i made 비빔밥 (Korean: bibimbap):


I was curious as to what it actually said.


I’m glad you did because it let me learn something. Those read order shenanigans was something I did not even think was a possibility, also the 3 character kanji on the 7th line came as a nice surprise. Thank you, once again @YQMaoski.


@Pylinaer, it’s too bad you don’t have it any more, I was curious actually to know what was on the back of it. It is clearly a pressed woodblock print and the seal might have been interesting to see in better detail, or perhaps it was an oil-based seal with the oiliness seeping through from the back side.

But you might be right about it not being an actual proof of identity, but it’s not uncommon for people to use carved badges with official seals on them for that purpose. But the ink does look quite fresh on the thing, so I was scratching my head wondering about the age of it or how the seal looked so faint.

Okay, I am now hungry, and I just ate… :smile:

@Fraggles, I was surprised at the way the whole thing was put together as well, not sure the reason for the tight squeeze, maybe it was just for aesthetic purposes, or perhaps to fit onto a similarly sized badge/carving that you would hang around the waist. And you are welcome.


Was blank. Was actually folded up a bit. Only other thing on it was two very faded yellow symbols.
It was still in a package thing and is at least 1.5 years old since I didn’t put it in my car.


The secret ingredient in bibimbap life:


Stopped to take this picture on my way home today.

big ass picture


What a beautiful view! Thanks for sharing!


woa that sky pattern looks awesome :astonished:


Happy Birthday to Sigmund Freud everyone!

I am at work now, but once I am done I am going to make myself some suspicious looking pancakes, and eat a banana for lunch! :wink:


Oh I’ll make sure to tell my father it’s Siggy’s b-day… lmao :joy:

You’d think your psychoanalysis teachers would be all serious, until it’s Freud’s b-day and everyone joins in on the memes.


Oof. I just moved, and am really missing my Korean neighbors (and their food). I love me some GochuJang.


Choo choo!


dang… :no_mouth: train be bragging about its new shoes


Brilliant plug design.


These look so impractical . My girlfriend bought Asus laptop from UK and ofc it has UK type power plug ( similar to one you are holding ) so we needed to look for an adapter and even then it keeps on falling off the el.socket because nothing fits and holds in place.

Why cant everyone agree on that this just works best?


agree, my plugs are best, everyone else should stop making silly power outlets :grin:


I don’t get it, could someone explain? It looks like it would fit to me.


It will fit, but upside down, so with the cable upwards, which ofc is far from ideal