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Quick what’s your favorite, 2 toed or 3 toed?!? Haha I’m a pygmy fan! Love those critically endangered guys :sob:


I find 2 toed ones a litte bit cuter , but both species babies are just beyond adorable.


Too true!


I love it when the snow falls in super fluffy and light layers with nice big crystalline structure. This was a thin layer that came down last night, ready to face the world in the morning.


And then there’s here, where we got about 2-3 inches of heavy snow.


Well, this was a very light dusting indeed. I used to live up there in Buffalo, NY in the snowbelt, so I know what heavy snow means. I was right in the middle of that Snovember storm a few years ago…


Yeah, we had 3-4 inches of powder late last week. It was, sadly, pretty bad. I think it was because basically came down really fast.

I’m sure people drove nice and slow after your light dusting too.


Was hanging around a zoo until not very long ago. :blush:


:astonished:“i want one those and one of those, uh and that one!” :heart_eyes:
*Dad: “it’s not a pet shop, boy…” :triumph:


This is about a 3 min drive from my house…


So I came across this lovely item whilst browsing:

I hope it comes with a miniature excavator.


Well that sucks.


Oh no! :frowning_face: I hope you have a back up…


I’ve got 6 other pillows but I generally use two at a time. That was a newer one though. Then again, it was also 4 dollars.



So even though it’s not quite as cold as it had been in previous months, spring is taking its sweet time getting here. To get to see most flowers, we still have to go to some indoor gardens. Here are a couple of pictures of our visit today:


Paige NO!


These arrived today.


Are these $2 US bills in demand? I still have one somewhere.


They are not too common, and some people collect them. I think I have one somewhere too…