The Witcher 3 on sale at GOG (convince me one way or another).

I quite like the combat myself, it’s just something I think everyone should be mindful about before they buy, especially if they have played titles KNOWN for their good combat. Just thought I’d try to share some balanced thoughts on the game. Easy to find positive reviews about it. (:


The Witcher 3 is one, if not the, best game you could possibly ever play. It has a well designed narrative, one that is excellently executed no matter what you do (and very humorous too!), it has a wonderful cast—both major and supporting—a vast open world that is both beautiful and terrifying, a crapton of quests (and I mean that) that do not feel lazy or shoehorned in but rather carefully crafted by devs who wanted you to have fun, a great way of actually deciding how the MC (Geralt) moves through the story (unlike the Telltale “player choice base games”) that can break off in unexpected ways, incredible voice acting, a stunning OST and expansion DLCs that add a TON of additional gaming hours on that are not cheap in anyway whatsoever. As in they feel like a whole new game that you will feel deserved every penny spent.

There’s also a great modding community and you’d be supporting GOG and the devs who actually respect you as a gamer and your value as a customer.

Now imagine getting all of that for the great price of $14.99, during its first sale of 70%!