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The Red Strings Club - 7/12/19 - $5


Today’s deal is The Red Strings Club!





In the darkness, a flash of white and the dull orange glow of a smokable. It’s barely enough light to see it, but your face lit from below like that makes it look ancient like an old temple relief, and instantly you’re the god of humanness, reality, and truth standing in the phone booth on the corner of a quiet and grimy street where other people like you populate a seedy and futuristic underworld. Or at least it feels that way.

Feelings are like rules. You can spend your whole life being controlled by them without even really realizing it, but when all of a sudden they’re stripped away, and the answers aren’t just right in front of your face anymore, what’s even left that makes you you? The man on the phone thinks he’s talking to someone else. Following some rules can be less important than following others. Especially when the essence of humanity is at sta-

You look up from your PC monitor because you hear the trash truck outside. This game’s pretty intense, huh? Looking at your little dude smoking on screen isn’t enough to make you forget about your stained gym shorts and tee combo anymore, and you’re pretty sure your mom is watching Undercover Boss in the next room. Nobody’s ever really defined what the opposite of cyberpunk thriller is, but this might be it. Damn it, Chrono! Why do they always put out such dope games? Now you forgot to put out the garbage…

Oh well. Back to Red Strings Club. At least in the future there’s a robot for that.

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This is the lowest The Red Strings Club has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous low was $5.09 on Steam

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yes yes yes yes

also: yes.


I don’t even know what to say because I haven’t finished the game (yet) but I’ll try.

Red Strings was my n1 wishlisted game until a friend of mine – who knows me better than I know myself – generously gifted it to me. Since then I’ve had loads of thoughts circling in my head. I’ll share some, while refraining from spoiling the story:

  1. The Red Strings Club is complex, way more complex than it looks or, frankly, has any right to be.
    In the game, you need to keep on your toes like you do in real life. If you talk to someone about something, you may actually need to remember what is was you talked about if you actually want to use the information later… there’s no easy in-game clue system… either you paid attention, or you didn’t. The mechanics also have a learning curve, you’ll taste that right on the first fifteen minutes.

  2. The Red Strings Club reminds you of all the times some guy referred to you by name and, in turn, you said "hello… dude."
    It has plenty of characters to keep you entertained, hooked but also a bit lost. Who was it that was collaborating with him to do what? Yeah, I don’t know either, but I’m ready to assume I’d be a shit bartender to that guy over there – John? Joe? Jack? – who’s bent over the counter crying about his wife’s death – it was Lisa… right?

  3. The Red Strings Club is hot as fuck.
    It’s as good looking as you were on that one time you got invited to a party you actually wanted to go to, and totally not because someone extra nice invited you to it, but because you like to dress up… for yourself. From pixel graphics to neon lights, it places bets on what the future will look and feel like without going overboard.

  4. The Red Strings Club will suck you in.
    Like the first time you read really good science fiction, it makes you believe that world is the real one, with all its political and emotional problems and robots and drinks.

  5. If you’re not sure if you’ll like The Red Strings Club, some titles that gave me similar vibes are:

  • VA-11 HALL-A: Ciberpunk Bartender Action
  • Unavowed
  • Void and Meddler
  1. You may not enjoy The Red Strings Club if you dislike:
    :warning: Reading
    :warning: Solving puzzles/mysteries/dilemmas
    :warning: Slower-paced games
    :warning: Sci-fi
    :warning: Pixel art

Whew alright. I hope this helps someone make up their mind! Thanks Chrono for the excellent game. :heart_decoration:


This was one of the games I wanted all achievements and to play it EVERY way possible! God I love this game sooo much.


Too bad I blew most of my gift card balance on the Steam Summer sale :frowning:

This game looks fun as hell, though.