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I imagine MVG has those covered already.


I don’t know how old this is, how can/could people vote for someone like this?


I have some dear friends and a few distance family members in the US. I am sad, that this man may once again affect all their lives.

As much good people as there may be, to vote in, again, would just prove that the world is full of very dim-witted or perhaps just suggestible, humans.


u sure this is authentic though? It’s vry ez nowadays to fake shit like this

wouldn’t surprise me either way regardless


Good point. Is faking stuff easy though? :thinking:


Its not faked but its definitely old, its from the last election:

that article even mentions that the date is wrong for the current election

check date this was posted


I have retracted my comment regarding this situation.
I should’ve done my own research into this thing. Thanks @PeteMcc


vid is only 3 min long and shows how ez it is and how good the result look

it’s only a matter of time before it’s used for political and other means


Well it seems my new shiny GPU is borker. Fuck :confused:


Say wut! What gives? T_T


NOOOOOOO :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Too early to say for sure but i get Pink screen with Display Port . Internet offers 0 solutions so i will have to look for someone who can test it on different system.


i’m so bored… and i can’t sleep :unamused:


That old Trump campaign video is why I don’t trust mainstream media, nor Silicon Valley social media, except as a source of entertainment, and oftentimes, not a good source of it.

Yes, current events included. COVID-19 is a dog and pony show. Of course, the planned economy killer is very real, and no one is denying it because they don’t have to at this point.

Yup; until I see reliable info from non-corporate, non-government sources, I have no reason at all to believe that there’s a pandemic that’s killing people like how it’s being described. You can keep your ‘tinfoil hat’ nonsense comments to yourself, thanks; I don’t just take the words spoken by news outlets and by government sources (both have proven to be liars countless times), I do my research and my due diligence, and of course, if I am sick, I don’t go anywhere except (maybe) to dreamland/sleep. If I have to go places whilst I am sick, I do take the best preventative measures I possibly can, which includes a face covering that isn’t plastic.

Yeah, being sick is no fun. Glad to only have to deal with such every now and then. I’d rather deal with that than a heatwave though. High heat, plus high humidity and high dew points equals misery for everyone. Blech. Barf.


But dame da ne though

I think I agree to a certain degree. If I were to get legit news usually, I get it from my own national news sites or those that are less likely to be inaccurate (again, as you said they have been caught lying before) like Reuters or AP. The others I usually take a grain of salt, especially if it spread to social media I would take some extra precaution usually.
There are websites like allsides or the flip side compiling news sources, but unfortunately they are limited to events that are in the US or directly affect them, so I don’t think I would go there as regularly as I liked.
As for government sources, it’s a sometimes sometimes thing. Like yeah sometimes they are a resource for proper or at least better information but other times they are used to spread crap down your throat.
I don’t personally agree with your viewpoint about the pandemic, even if there is some thing i agree with like the government part.


Since the nonessential personnel quarantine order became active in Ohio, and even now after it has been lifted, this song has had a ridonkulous amount of airtime on local mainstream and alternative radio stations. Sadly that song has now been inextricably bound to the phrase “I’m so bored”–or variations there of, thus creating a damn near Pavlovian response to think of and/or sing this F–ing song when I hear or read said phrase. :exploding_head: :boom: :point_left:


Well my old buddy Acer laptop finally died today . I dont sweat it too much because it was really old and i reckon it worked for twice as long as anyone could have expected out of him. I found a cause but i’m not sure i’m up for fixing it. I just might let it finally rest.

Here’s a pic from autopsy.


Slowly but surely part 2>

Turned into this>

Terrace :

Turning into this>


Turning into this>


There are recycling centres for PCs but I’m not sure if they’ll just be glorified dumping grounds or not.


Mind sharing what the cause is?

I’m curious…