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The Messenger - 5/13/19 - $11.50


Today’s deal is The Messenger!





My god. I’ve done it. I’ve finally done it. After giving up the life of a normal alchemist and the unsatisfying quest to make everyday basic objects into gold, I decided on chasing another treasure: the perfect formula for a modern throwback retro-inspired video game classic. And if you thought turning one metal into another was hardcore, imagine if instead you just had to make something by hand and CONVINCE everyone it’s gold. Way harder for sure, and that’s exactly what I believe I’ve done.

The perfect formula, it seems, contains a little of everything. You want to acknowledge the fact that it’s a modern day game without totally destroying the illusion that the game could have been written and programmed 20 years ago, which my experiment does perfectly thanks to its fully pixelated graphics and fourth wall-breaking dialogue, and the gameplay itself has to be hard, but not so hard that if it WERE 1996 and you were renting the game from Blockbuster, that you wouldn’t return the game early. Yet again, my experiment walks this line expertly.

So please, fellow men of magic and science, if you ever play “The Messenger”, and you think to yourself “man, what a great retro-inspired masterpiece, truly, this is the next Shovel Knight”, just remember what you’ve read here today, and to recognize my incredible achievement. Hopefully this is enough for everyone to ignore how strange my name is, and just let it go down in history as the greatest gaming alchemist the world has ever known.

The Grand Alchemist Icefart Von Picklepops

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This is the lowest The Messenger has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous low was $11.99 on Steam.

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This game is amazing! :heart_eyes:


I don’t have a review on this game yet, but the bit of it that I have played is really exceptional. It’s got all of the nostalgia of Ninja Gaiden but without the sadistic difficulty, great level design, and a pretty fun little bit of story. I really need to get back to it sometime soon.


This is a fantastic game. Great gameplay, graphics and music, and I was surprised at how much I even enjoyed the writing. If you like 2D platformers it’s a must-have.