The Humble Postmodern Bundle


i read this as postmortem and I was like, sister_plewase


Problem here is that I only want the tier 3 game, lol, so I don’t think i will go for anything at all. Catherine Classic has been on sale for cheaper than the $15 full bundle price.

And am I reading it correctly that Yume Nikki is in tier 1? Isn’t it a free to play game?


Alright. I need to say something lenghty and personal about one of the titles here. Please bear with me.


It’s one of the best games I’ve ever played. I played it as soon as it came out, as a kind gift from a friend.

It’s repulsive, unique and depressing. Beckett sways to its own rhythm by abandoning all pretense of being your usual point-n-click video game. There are no puzzles, and only a couple of choices.

Beckett reached me at a hard moment of my life and Simon (one of the main developers) and I talked in lenght about the philosophycal inspirations for what I consider to be a masterful experience.

To me, it hit close to Kentucky Route Zero with its character introspection, slight surrealism and overall rawness. Beckett is the dark bitter side of our human experience, drowning in a surreal and dystopian blend.

The sound effects hit me instantly, and disturbed me throughout the harsh narrative, alongside its gloominess.

It’s beautiful in how fatalistic it is. It reminded me accutely of Sartre:

L’enfer c’es les autres.

I absolutely love Beckett.

I eventually was one of the few lucky winners of their screenshot contest, and I now own an actual vinyl copy of their soundtrack – will post pictures soon.

There are very few of them on this earth, and I’m a proud owner.

Please consider getting Tier 1 for that game alone. I’ll definitely grab a copy and run a tiny giveaway here. :hugs:


Not interested in anything but Catherine and I may take it off my Wishlist too. I like game mechanic in the dream state, but not crazy about any of the characters.


Glaring omission detected


Yeah, i got confused about Yume Nikki, too. I’d understand if they included Yume Nikki - Dream Diary in the first tier (it’s always on sale anyway), but no. And it’s not like it has any DLCs or some special editions for collectors, too.

Maybe they just wanted to make sure people who are new to Yume Nikki will start from the right one.


I got the 1 dollar tier mostly for Thomas was Alone. And even though i think Beckett looks incredibly artsy fartsy, i put my full trust in Coraline’s recommendation.

Regarding Yume Nikki, that is weird. I attempted using the key in my account, (where i already have played it) and nothing happened. I imagined it at least adding something extra, but just that I already owned it. Odd.


Maybe it gave you a +1?



Okay, so because Steam registers you as already having the game.

But because it’s free, when you added it to your account, it does not typically give you a +1 in game count. So I suppose it’s a bit more trouble, but you would have to remove it from your account, though it should be easy.

Any complimentary Steam addition to the library can be removed from the keys and licenses page. Your game count should stay the same. And then you can activate the key and maybe get a +1.

Of course this is purely speculatory, so you might be going through the motions and getting nothing in return.


but totally correct :+1:
i believe a thread arose on the Yume Nikki forum about this same thing too and how to do it, and it is as you say, remove the free version, then add retail key,
tho “all” you get is a permanent library entry (since f2p only gets an entry when installed) and a +1 game count