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The Girl of Glass: A Summer Bird's Tale - The Journey Begins - free on Steam



Now, is it gorgeous, or is it freakin’ gorgeous?

+ mean teddy:



Thanks for the post! :+1:

addlicense [botname] 490979 for those using ASF.


Thanks, @SeekerSupreme :sparkles::zap::sparkles:


Hey, this looks decent actually. From the title I thought it’s some trash HOG


Thanks, @SeekerSupreme :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation: Very pretty :star_struck:

I have 9 Artifex Mundi games in my key stash. Guess who won’t be offered any??? :joy:

JK We all have our likes and dislikes…It’s what makes the world go round…


Good thing I don’t want them anyways xD I actually enjoyed Tiny Bang Story (also a HOG), just all those Artifex Mundi and related games feel to me like they came out of a conveyor belt