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The Gardens Between - 2/7/20 - $4.99


Today’s deal is The Gardens Between!





You know, coming of age is probably the single most unique human experience there is; you did it, Oprah did it, even Jesus went through it, but the reason it’s still being mined for imagery by artists today has entirely to do with how you explore it. For most, it’s been pretty literal, like when you watch Luke in Star Wars, or Harry Potter in his famous books and films, or even in games like God of War (2018). But here today, in The Gardens Between, we take a more poignant look.

Now listen, fair warning, this game isn’t necessarily sad on the surface, but like the moment in Inside Out when you watch the playfulness amusement park crumble and fall as she grows out of it, once you perceive the beautiful poem unfolding before you, it’ll be hard not to think about how aside from the story we see between Arina and Frendt (yup that dude’s name is Frendt), what this beautiful puzzle game essentially is is children traveling through a series of magical islands that represent the things that make them kids, and how you sometimes stop time from flowing so you can move past them.

And in fact, you probably won’t cry about it as you play so much as you will later when you’re alone at the park and you see something that reminds you of your own childhood and, oh god, that’s exactly what happened in your own life, and oh god, let me just sit with this complex and beautiful human feeling for a while as I eat both this crappy ice cream and the spicy chips I bought from the dude with the bell on his cart as therapy. Games are art, games are art, games are art.

The official trailer for The Gardens Between:

Our favorite Steam reviews:

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I loved this game, it is so beautiful. And I really love the song during the end credits!


Does ice cream and spicy chips really go well together? Sounds incredibly wrong.

Also the community link on the front page is correctly directing to this thread. Please fix and link back to the front page incorrectly. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I wish I could find $6.50CA in my sofa. :cry:

Some reviews from some Chronies:

And a review from someone I met through @coralinecastell

Kemo gave me a game yesterday so I am throwing some traffic towards him. He has some great reviews that I really enjoy reading.


Thank you for sharing my review :smiley:


Thanks for the poke. :smiley:

I think this game is fantastic, the puzzles are really fun, the artwork is nice, the story is touching (albeit fairly simple). I can’t believe it’s already about 16 months since I played. I have recommended this game to quite a few people during this time frame. :smiley:


This was in the Aussie bundle. I traded it with a certain squirrel (@Danacscott) though. Maybe someone else might have a spare key.


Did I just see delenn13 discover a “bug” in’s system? Hmm… As soon as I get home from work… I’ll… Frown at the “bug.”

Edit: At home now. Engaging frowning.


You are way too funny. :joy::heart_eyes::sunglasses::star_struck: That is certainly a wonderful, innovative “fix”. :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation: Thank you SO MUCH :hugs:


Frowning successful. Well done! Everyone shall continue enjoying great deals on great games!