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The Disney Afternoon Collection - 7/8/19 - $7.49


Today’s deal is The Disney Afternoon Collection!





Dang, friends. Remember these cartoons? Yes? Maybe? Not really, but you still kinda feel nostalgic for them because culture basically froze in 2007? Well, don’t worry, it doesn’t matter which, because we’re not here to judge you! We’re just here to sell you some straight up classics from the age when Disney licensed a bunch of their properties to Capcom, who went and made a bunch of games out of them that were way too awesome for their own good! Can you think of a better way to spend $7.49? Because honestly, we literally can’t!

…But what about all those shows you DON’T remember? What if after the Disney Afternoon there was a Disney Happy Hour for regular working schlubs like us to toss back a couple beers to after the ol’ 9-5? What if we spent this whole next paragraph talking about a show we made up that’s basically just SportsCenter except it’s hosted by Pete’s Dragon? Or what about the one where Buddy Hackett’s character from The Love Bug tries a different commercially available weed edible every week? Wouldn’t that just be so US?

But no, we’re a website with SCRUPLES AND PRIORITIES, so instead, while you’re vibing out hard to the Moon Theme from DuckTales, we’re just going to take this last bit of your time to acknowledge that weird couple of years where The Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show was somehow part of Disney’s One Saturday Morning. Remember how odd that was? What was up with that? And wasn’t there an animated Mary Kate and Ashley show where they’re like, spies, or something? What was going on over there?

The official trailer for The Disney Afternoon Collection:

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Que theme songs!




Yup, I sing the Duck Tales cartoon theme song at random times. Never played or seen any of the games though.


Oh damn, some good games here. :laughing:


You should probably use this opportunity to pick up the classic Disney platformers on GOG before they’re pulled…

Not related to the afternoon bundle, but it would be a shame to have this go under the radar.



I think I’ll harass Steam support and make them revoke my license to play The Disney Afternoon Collection just so I can repurchase it here. This is a nice package and I bought it during a Steam sale. So I’m kind of annoyed that I have it already and can’t get it here.

Also the Beloved Characters descriptor icon is awesome. I want that icon reused in the future for pettable animals.