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The Council - Complete Season - 5/29/20 - $7.99


Lemme find your needle in this haystack of tickets, one moment please…


Me? Response email says 18744 And FWIW, tried chrome and Firefox. And I got nuttin! :slight_smile:


Alrighty! Think I gotcha, if you don’t see a reply on your end sometime within the next 5 min, shoot me a dm


Hey dear colleague, hope you’re having a fantastic day. :relaxed:


Hello dear colleague, it’s been hectic but I hope you, too, are having a fantastic day :cowboy_hat_face:


Ok, that was brutal! Not home and paypal wanted to text me… wasn’t happening. But somehow it started to work. No clue where the glitch was. Tanx peeples!!!


Woohoo! fingers crossed you can buy now


This seems different to what I would normally do, but I enjoy a good story. Convinced also by you lot above, so thanks for the input. There is a problem still with PayPal so I just used a card, which I went and looked for at such a late time, but The Council is safe in my Steam Acc now. 70 coins too??


Yup…that’s the amount I received.


I liked the happy banter between the staff. Short, but still nice.


Well, the problem still exists. Call of Cthulhu. Tried but same as yesterday. Gave up, got it on steam. :frowning:


Must have missed your reply, but somehow found it again. I have been given coins in the past for purchases here, just surprised I got coins with the shop closing. Still enjoyed saving them the past month though! Will we find out more today?