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The Council - Complete Season - 5/29/20 - $7.99


Today’s deal is The Council - Complete Season!



The official trailer for The Council - Complete Season:

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As always, use this thread to discuss this deal, talk about the game and find other people to play with!


On a news which are not related to the coin shop :

This game is pretty neat. Played few first hours of it, it can be rough around the edges, but if you like a good mystery and choose your own path game this one is for you . It has few extra mechanics and gimmicks to make it more than just a Walking Dead copy.


The pretty sloth has convinced me… Hopefully it won’t be sold out by the time I’m done sorting myself otherwise, heh.


Honestly just posting to continue the chain of animal avatars.


okay then, I guess I’m next


Look, it’s a crab!


C-C-C-Combo breaker!


You animal, you… RAWR! :bear:


Tried to buy it… won’t jump to paypal. Oh well…


“The Council - Complete Season is only $6.99 right now!”
“72% OFF”

Goes to page:
68% off…


Can anyone buy this? Won’t take my order. :frowning:


Managed to purchase it just fine and I’m in the Caribbean. It updated the coins to my total too, ^^


No idea what I’m doing wrong. Usually just select payment and it’s automatic from there. Did they add a “click here” button or something I’m not seeing?


I dunno. There is a select option or something with Paypal as one of my two payment methods. Mine went to One Touch so not sure if there are in between steps.

@RaccoonV or someone like that may be able to help more?


I’m just assuming they stopped taking paypal.


Can’t be - that’s the only payment option I’ve ever used and it is the method I use today to purchase this game.


Well I click on paypal and all I get is “choose payment type”. I have much sadness! LOL And, yeah. All I’ve ever used here is paypal.


Send support a ticket. Seriously. They’ll do their best to help. =^_^=


Didn’t think of that LOL. I gave that a shot. So we shall see. :slight_smile: Thanks!