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The Adventure Pals - 9/25/19 - $3.49


Today’s deal is the The Adventure Pals!





So there I was, chillin in the tropical jungle as per usual, with the sun on my one piece of head bacon and my two pieces of arm bacon (well, one piece of arm bacon but pushed through my fried egg body), and my little egg yolk chest man was feeling pretty good I think cause I could kind of hear him whistling, and I was alone on my little platform just like always. I love the isolation, and the fact that out here, I can just be the giant bacon and eggs pirate man I want to be. Well, that’s how it used to be, anyway…until I saw the thing.

Well, I call it a thing, but really it was an overly confident square-headed boy with his eyes on either side of his cute little mouth, who I could see in the distance jumping and screaming and slicing his way every closer to my private elevated platform. Every fibre of my protein and ovoid being was urging him to turn back, to go away and let me be a complete breakfast in piece, but once he saw me, I knew it was all over, man. Ketchup would be spilled here this night.

I grabbed my squeeze bottles and put on my angry face, but as he approached the last gap before he got to my little island, I started turning it over in my bacon fat mind, and I became fairly confident that he couldn’t make the jump and that it was all going to be over before it began. He leapt into the air like an idiot, and I was about to let the egg boy in my chest cry out in victory…until I saw the zipper on his backpack fly open by itself, and the lolling rubbery head and neck of some kind of bendy giraffe popped out of the top like a moss covered three handled family gredunza and started whipping its disgusting tongue around like a helicopter, which literally gave him the extra lift to get across the gap.

And then, just like he was never there, the giraffe was gone. That kid beat my ass pretty badly after that. Also my legs are sausages.

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This is the lowest The Adventure Pals have ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, with the previous low being $3.74 on Steam.

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No online multiplayer? D’awww, but it looks so cute! xD