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Tengami - 1/5/20 - $1.49


Today’s deal is Tengami!




Gamers, and I ask this honestly, have we lost our very souls? All of us, constantly slamming our over-large and over-talented brains into these extremely complicated worlds full of stats and combos and secret unlockable sidequests, and for what? Street cred? Fun? A deliberate attempt to escape life’s harsh realities by devoting all your mental resources to something fully accomplishable? We may never truly know, but we will ask you this: how long has it been gamer, since you’ve used a pop-up book, not for the benefit of some stupid kids who can’t read for themselves, but for your own earnest enjoyment?

Not only are they absolutely beautiful examples of craftsmanship and artistry, but unlike any game you’ve ever played for a hundred hours plus, they’re often simple enough for even the oldest and youngest of us to understand, and even compared to a TV show or a movie, pop-up books are never here to take up much of your time. They’re a brain snack; the “eating a single M&M because you just wanted a taste” of books, and now, someone’s gone and turned one into a video game.

So just imagine: it’s a book within the game that’s longer than any pop-up you’ve ever seen. As you move the pages turn, and as they turn, there more and more delightful and completely doable puzzles for you to see as you go through the story. And if you asked yourself “Hey, of all the game composers I know, who should write the music for a chill pop-up book game that’s all about atmosphere?” and didn’t answer David Wise from Donkey Kong Country, you’re about to find out why you didn’t, because he totally did the soundtrack for Tengami. So come on! Try it out today! There’s not many better ways to spend a buck fifty, and this one might just warm your cold hard gamer soul.

The official trailer for Tengami:

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I’ve had this one for a long time now, really should get around to play it at some point.


Ha! I just checked how long I’ve played it. 0.4 hours! I actually loved the look of the game, and it played okay. I should definitely give it another chance.


You can beat (and complete) this game in an hour and a half. It’s a nice game while it lasts and not bad for this price.


When the heck did I get this game already?! It was never on my wishlist at any point! Ah heck with it, I’ll gift the Chrono key I just bought to a friend. I think I know somebody who enjoys a good puzzle platformer.


It was a coin shop game.


Long time wishlist item, so I caved. Now to see if I can run it within the week. ^^ Cheers.


Ah! Good recall! I checked my order history and sure enough, it says 5000 coins redeemed to get it. Thanks!


This is the one I want…However, I got a question.

Do you guys pick a creator store to support? How do you know who to pick?

I am, at the moment, torn between Dodger or the sloth, Crendor. But I have no clue as to who to pick.


I couldn’t even remember creator names. T_T


Well, I ended up supported the slot…'cause :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Which sloth?

#13 Click on Crendor


Oh look :eye: I got a :star: :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation: